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I love candles, discovering new brands and new scents, even just beautiful packaging to decorate the home. I recently blogged about the beautiful Flamingo Candles which is one of my favourite finds this year. Love Aroma stock well known brands that are my go to candles such as Yankee and especially Lily Flame, but recently sent some gorgeous candles from brands that I have never tried or heard of before with new and exciting scents.

First that Love Aroma sent me to try is the On a Wick and a Prayer Lime and Basil Small Candle which comes in a really cute jar with screw on lid. Lime and Basil isn’t a scent I would normally choose but it is very fresh and clean with mild citrus tones. On a Wick and a Prayer candles are made in Derbyshire and the scent fills a room when it is lit and I love the simplicity of the candle design, often candles with this scent would be coloured green but as this is creamy white means that it will suit any room.

Love Aroma

The Stoneglow Modern Classic Plum Blossom & Musk Tumbler candle is again made in the UK in Dagenham. It is more of a decorative candle and has a really fruity and floral musky scent. It burns for 40 hours and you get scents of lily, freesia, pear, melon and plum. This candle is very elegant, from its packaging through to its scent.

Love Aroma

The last candle from Love Aroma, and my favourite of the three, is the Pairfum Innocent Vanilla Medium Snow Crystal Candle. The candle has a dual wick, is made from natural wax and is 100% biodegradable. The candle wax has a crystal structure making the top of the candle look really beautiful. The aroma from the candle is amazing, it’s a really gorgeous sweet vanilla. Again these candles are handmade in the UK, in London, and giftwrapped with using a natural cotton wick and wax sourced from old and sustainably managed farms. The candle will burn for 40-50 hours and I love the presentation of the candle in it’s decorative tumbler.

Love Aroma

Products featured –

On a Wick and a Prayer Lime and Basil Small Candle*
Pairfum Innocent Vanilla Medium Snow Crystal Candle*
Stoneglow Modern Classic Plum Blossom & Musk Tumbler*

What’s your favourite candle?



  1. 2014/07/06 / 03:29

    Mmm I love candles!!
    The Lime Basil sounds amazing!!
    Thanks for sharing I love finding new scents and brands!
    xo Holly xo


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