Lush Oxford Street Exclusives Haul

My Lush Oxford Street haul showing off many of the exclusive new launches from bubble bars to bath bombs, bath melts, bath oils, fun bars and paper soap shower sheets!

Bath Bombs –

  • The Experimenter – £3.75, Vegan. Each colour is a different scent. It contains popping candy, vetivert, tonka, vanilla and gold glimmer luster.

lush oxford street the experimenter

  • Intergalactic – £.3.50, Vegan. Contains popping candy, peppermint, grapefruit, vetivert, cedarwood, snowflake, lemon ice and gold glimmer lustre.

lush oxford street intergalactic

  • Lava lamp – £3.35, Vegan. Chocolate orange with three types of orange oil. Contains cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, olive oil, orange flower absolute, tangerine oil and sicilian mandarin oil.

lush oxford street lava lamp

  • Cyanide Pill – £3.50, Vegan. Smokey and musky, contains popping candy, silver glimmer lustre, lemon oil, cedarwood oil, rosewood oil, almond essential oil

lush oxford street cyanide pill

  • Guardian of the Forest – £3.75, Vegan. Mystical, oakiness, earthy, contains rosewood, cypress oil, lime oil, oak moss absolute, spring green, frosty holly and yellow lustre.

lush oxford street guardian of the forest

  • Frozen – £3.75, Vegan. Contains Grapefruit oil, neroli oil and snowflake lustre.

lush oxford street frozen

  • Yoga Bomb – £3.75, Vegan. Contains cassie absolute, olibanum oil, ho wood oil, sandalwood oil, snowflake, frosty holly and gold glimmer lustre.

lush oxford street yoga bomb

  • Land of the lotus eaters / Sacred Lotus flower – £3.50, Vegan. Contains snowflake lustre, neroli oil, jasmine and tonka.

lush oxford street sacred lotus flower

  • Ylang Song Bomb – Similar to the rose bombshell it contains rosewood, neroli oil and ylang ylang.

Bubble Bars –

  • Windmill – 5.95, reusable, contains citrus, ginger and clove.

  • Little Dragon – £5.95, reusable, contains zingy spices, cinnamon and ginger.

lush oxford street little dragon

  • Pink Flamingo – £5.95, Vegan, reusable. Contains rosewood, ylang ylang, bergamot, cocoa butter and sheabutter.

lush oxford street pink flamingo

  • Milk Bath / Milky bath – £3.75, Vegetarian but Non Vegan. Contains skimmed milk, cocoa butter, orange oil, olive oil, silver lustre and silver glimmer.

lush oxford street milk bath

  • Divination – £5.95, reusable, contains patchouli, amber and rose oil. It is purple on the inside but covered in copper shimmer.

  • Supertramp – £3.75, Vegan. Smells like supertramp showergel and bubble bath which has peppermint, rose, lavender and orange.

lush oxford street supertramp

  • Flowering Tea Bath Dunk – £4.95, reusable, flowers inside and contains jasmine and orange flower.

lush oxford street flowering tea

  • Cherry Blossom – £5.95, 2 baths. Contains Majorcan almonds, almond essential oil, rosewood, cederwood, sicilian lemon, snowflake lustre.

lush oxford street cherry blossom

Bath melts and bath oils

£2 each. Contain shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil.

lush oxford street bath melts

  • Sun
  • Delight
  • Ginger
  • I am a radiant being.

lush oxford street bath melts

Fun Bars

lush oxford street sea monster fun

£5 for 200g

  • Monsters and Aliens
  • Sea monster
  • Speedboat

lush oxford street aliens and monsters fun

Paper Soap Shower Sheets

Large £12.95, postcard size £4.95

lush oxford street paper soap

  • Wash that man
  • You are beautiful as you feel
  • Don’t rain on my parade
  • Best washes

lush oxford street paper soap



  1. GoFashiondeals
    2015/05/14 / 17:06

    That is quite the haul! The lotus is so pretty and I like the shower sheets so cute!

  2. Malin
    2015/05/14 / 18:30

    I am going there next week and cannot wait to buy some of these things! I didn’t think of going to lush but now I surely will! Thank you so much for showing all these gorgeously good bath and shower items!
    xx Malin

  3. 2015/05/14 / 18:50

    Wow they all look amazing! I can’t wait to finally get other there at some point x

  4. 2015/05/15 / 14:32

    Wow so jealous of how many goodies you’ve got, I’m sure i’ve never seen some of these at my local lush! Those postcards I deffo haven’t! // x

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