Microdermabrasion Treatment


Microdermabrasion and LED Phototherapy

I was recently invited to Huddersfield Skin Revival Laser Clinic to try out some treatments and had Microdermabrasion and LED Phototherapy. Here is my vlog showing you my experience of the treatments and my thoughts on it, please subscribe, like and share! :) –

Skin Revival Laser Clinic


Let me know your own experiences of the treatments and what vlogs you would like to see from me in the future!



  1. 2014/03/16 / 20:29

    I absolved several microdermabrasion treatments and it helped me a lot but its quit expensive in Slovakia :/ nice vlog

    • 2014/03/16 / 23:20

      Thanks :) Were they really good for you then? They are about £40 in the UK I think but often have deals on online x

  2. Alex
    2014/03/16 / 20:56

    So interesting. I enjoyed your vlog, you are so natural and pleasant to listen to! xx

  3. Kristen Greene
    2014/03/16 / 22:05

    I have seriously considered microdermabrasion and my dermo said it might be the only thing to shrink my large pores. I see the ones sold at sephora and other beauty retails but I don’t want to waste my money on something that probably won’t make a difference. How much of a difference do you see?

    • 2014/03/16 / 23:18

      My bf had the same treatment with me and he has really large pores, it was so noticeable. His pores were clearer and smaller and made such a difference, think it’ll be future presents for him!

      • 2014/03/16 / 23:19

        forgot to mention, look out for these treatments on things like groupon :) x

        • Kristen Greene
          2014/03/16 / 23:38

          What’s the recovery time like? Did it give your skin a sunburn like appearance?

          • 2014/03/17 / 02:01

            As shown in the video my skin looked great after, no redness etc. The next day it flaked slightly so I used moisturiser and it was fine. It was a very gentle procedure, no redness or soreness x

  4. amy green
    2014/03/17 / 11:09

    I loved your vlog! I’ve wanted to get this treatment for a while now, think I’m just gonna go for it! xo LikeLiterallyObsessed

    • 2014/03/17 / 11:49

      Would fully recommend it to anyone. Its a little scary at first, but once your having it. You won’t look back!

  5. D Monica
    2014/03/17 / 19:42

    this treatments help for acne?

  6. Lulu Ewing
    2014/03/17 / 20:26

    Great vlog! I’ve been considering having microdermabrasion recently to help with my scarred chin from non stop spot picking and i think i might just give it a go now :) x

  7. Pinar
    2014/04/09 / 06:59

    This is a great vlog! I have been debating wether or not to have these treatments as I have a lot of scaring in my face but now I’ve seen this I think I may brave it and book an appointment at my local clinic :) thank you for your vlog post! :)

    Pinar xo


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