Mum in a Million

Mothers day isn’t even a week away and I do have a few gift idea posts lined up but before then I thought I would share a competition with you, Mum in a Million, for you and your mums as well as sharing with you why my Mum is a Mum in a Million. 

The competitions prize to win is three or four night stay at a Parkdean holiday park up to the value of £499. This seems like a great prize, I know my Mum could do with a bit of a break. To enter click here and tell them why your Mum is the best and a Mum in a Million.

For me this is a hard article to write, especially as my Mum is definitely a more behind the scenes, modest, hiding from photos, no fuss kind of lady. For me my Mum is my hero, supporting all my family everyday and putting herself last. For me she has helped me achieve and get to where I am today, telling me that you only live once and to do what you love. My Mum has never let me give up on myself and without her moral (and financial) support I would probably have given up on the thought of self employment long ago. Without her confidence and belief in me I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Throughout the day she works for my Dad, having supported his self employment journey since I was little. In the evenings and weekends she helps with lots of different charity and church groups as well as running the local Rainbow guide unit which I have helped her with for the last 8 years. My Mum puts her whole heart and effort into this, although she hates any recognition for the work she puts in. She’s my Mum but also a best friend and that’s why my Mum is a Mum in a Million.

mum in a million


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