Relax, Unwind, Destress – 7 Simple Methods

Like many other busy working girls out there I can find it so hard to switch off and stop working. As a blogger I can easily spend my free time adding to my blog and creating videos but sometimes I need to step back and take some time for myself. Here are some of my methods and tips for how to relax, unwind and destress after a stressful day.

#1. Going for a walk/Walking the Dog

Going for a walk has been scientifically proven to reduce stress as it helps clear your head and boost endorphins. I take my dog for a walk, which he loves, and get away from my desk to see some greenery and get some fresh air.


#2. Relax with a bath

I am a big fan of Lush, as my readers will know, and Lush offer so many different relaxation bath options. Find a product that works for you that feels like a treat and then let yourself enjoy a long bath without feeling guilty that you aren’t doing anything!

#3. Create a Youtube playlist to watch in the bath

Watching my favourite Youtubers helps me relax after a long day. Find happy, funny or interesting videos that you want to catch up with, create a playlist so you can just leave it running and have a Youtube binge whilst enjoying your bath.


#4. Read or Listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts

I love to read and turning off that screen can be calming and help you relax. Whilst my book choices cannot be described as calm, my last being Child 44 then Gone Girl, it stops you thinking about any of life’s worries and focuses your imagination. A podcast I have loved is Serial, a true story, gripping and for me brilliant, I just hope there is more.

#5. Create something

Whether it be baking, knitting, jewellery making or painting, a hobby outside of your everyday work that you love helps you relax. The hobbies listed are ones I do and help stop me thinking about work, creating lists of things to do and worrying about things I need to do. They are a new, interesting task and it is great to let your creative juices flow, explore your artistic skills and create something new.


#6. Have a face mask  or massage

Again this is something that Lush is fantastic at, especially with their massage bars. Face masks and massages are really fun to do with others as well as helping you unwind and destress. Some of my favourite face masks to help me relax include Elizabeth Arden Hydrating MaskSuperdrug Spa Calming 5 Minute Facial Sheet Mask and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Purifying Facial Mask.


#7. Saviour scents

Whether it be on your skin or fragrancing your home find scents you love any that have a relaxing effect on you. I love using the Dr. Bronner Organic Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap to wash my make up brushes with because of the scent it leaves. I also love lighting candles and having that soothing scent, some that I enjoy are the Woodwick candles that crackle like a fire when burnt as they have a wooden wick. Flamingo candles have a new spring collection of sweet scents that are fruity, sweet and floral.



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