My Makeup Storage and another Competition!

Throughout my time as a beauty blogger the aspect I have found hardest is my makeup storage. It can be really hard finding storage solutions that keep your products safe, undamaged, organised, quick to put away and easy to locate.

I like to have the makeup that I use everyday out and easy to find so this last week I have been using these acrylic boxes on my desk as my makeup storage. The acrylic is a very high quality, the plastic is very strong and shiny, it almost looks like glass!

my makeup storage

I love that these makeup storage boxes can either be used side by side or can be stacked on top of each other if you are short on space. They fit perfectly together if put one on top of the other so it is very sturdy and secure.

I have purchased other acrylic make up boxes for my makeup storage in the past, and written about it here but they looked far cheaper than this one. I have had a hunt on eBay and I believe this is the cheapest of the same design. However, if you are interested in getting the same boxes as my makeup storage, you may not need to purchase them if you enter and win my competition!

my makeup storage

The giveaway is for the same stackable storage solution that I received and todays prize is given today from Bedroom Storage so a big thank you to them! To enter the giveaway and have a chance to win my lovely readers/viewers can enter through my rafflecopter competition below. Winners will be selected at random on Sunday 15th May 2016 so you have two weeks to enter, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck entering, have an awesome bank holiday weekend and don’t miss out on my last post, Inglot – My Polish Palette!

my makeup storage



  1. Debora
    2016/05/01 / 20:32

    Great giveaway! Enter me please :)

  2. Duygu Simsek
    2016/05/01 / 22:52

    yay! Hope I win, really need one of these!

  3. silviabia
    2016/05/02 / 01:02

    What an awesome giveaway!! *-*

  4. Natalie White
    2016/05/02 / 19:02

    I definitely need some of these!

  5. Alica
    2016/05/02 / 21:17

    Amazing giveaway! Thank you for the chance xx

  6. Sophie Roberts
    2016/05/04 / 23:19

    I love these storage boxes! The perfect solution to my messy desk full of make-up

  7. 2016/05/05 / 00:03

    I’ve actually been after one of these for the last year or so, there so handy!

  8. Sophie Stafford
    2016/05/05 / 12:41

    moving house soon so these would be great!

  9. disqus_EveUGfsDy3
    2016/05/08 / 18:39

    seeing other peoples beautiful storage is so much eyecandy to me!

  10. Emma Haworth
    2016/05/09 / 14:37

    Would love to win these :)

  11. Jo Hutchinson
    2016/05/09 / 15:45

    These look so useful x

  12. natasha
    2016/05/09 / 16:54

    I think these look amazing! i would love to use this to organize my mess of a makeup bag.

  13. kim neville
    2016/05/15 / 12:11

    Looks so cool. Perfect to keep makeup all tidy in one place

  14. Tina Ivanisevic
    2016/05/15 / 14:55

    This is an amazing prize. Thank you!

  15. Natalie Crossan
    2016/05/15 / 22:54

    I’d love to win xxx

  16. Emma Haworth
    2016/05/26 / 13:17

    Hi I won this giveaway and sent you an email with my address but have never heard back.

    Just wanted to check you have it!



    • 2016/05/26 / 15:48

      Hi Emma,

      Yes thanks, your details were passed on to the PR Team handling this, let me know if they do not get in touch with you and hope you enjoy your prize!

      Mary x

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