Nail Polish Storage Stand Review

Nail Polish Storage Nail Polish Stand

I recently featured this product on a wishlist and I didn’t manage to wait very long for buying it! I’m glad I didn’t. This Nail Polish Storage has a good quality build making it strong and sturdy. In the description it can hold 30 polishes, mine held 33. This number will vary based on the polishes you need to store, OPI varnish will take up a lot more room than some of the smaller polishes.

Barry M is maybe my favourite nail polish brand and I didn’t realise how much of their polishes I had bought until seeing them all together but they fit in the rack very well with their square packaging. My only issue is that I need another Nail Polish Storage to keep the rest of my polishes in. I love that I can store my polishes neatly now and that the storage can be put anywhere rather than the more permanent wall mount storages.

Nail Varnish Display Stand




  1. Michelle w
    2014/02/13 / 14:48

    I was just looking for storage units !Think ill be purchasing this mine are currently in empty glossy boxes, I want to show off my collection ;)

  2. Rachael McClenaghan
    2014/02/13 / 14:24

    I love this! Perfect for organisation and keeping things together. It is crazy when you tidy your stuff you find out how much you have. We are all guilty of that I’d say.

  3. Allie Cleve
    2014/02/13 / 14:26

    I’ve got one of those and they’re so nice! Unfortunately I need two to fit all my nail polishes in…oops

  4. Hilde
    2014/02/13 / 15:30

    This looks so lovely!! Would be a perfect gift for my sister; she collects nailpolishes like crazy :p

  5. Ioanna
    2014/02/13 / 14:31

    Oh wow, I’m genuinely tempted to try this but I’m pretty sure I would need to get two.. I currently store all my nail varnishes in a clear plastic shoe storage box.. but they’re overflowing. I really like barry m nail varnishes too but I always find they chip quite quickly!

    • 2014/02/16 / 13:05

      I used to store mine in a draw in my dressing table although this is much better, need two though but they are pretty cheap. I love Barry M shades but I know what you mean, I use a good topcoat to make the colour stay.

  6. sarazbeautytonic
    2014/02/13 / 14:39

    i always wanted to get one..cuz i am growing my nail polishes…this looks perfect for me!

  7. Lyndsey Smile
    2014/02/13 / 14:50

    I have the same stand, I love it as you can see all the shades perfectly

  8. Charli
    2014/02/13 / 14:53

    This has been in my Amazon wishlist for months! You’ve pushed me to purchase it now!

  9. Jen Barrett
    2014/02/13 / 14:59

    This is really cute!

  10. 2014/02/13 / 15:46

    I really need to organize my nail polishes! At the moment they are all jammed into 2 old glossyboxes… and I can’t find anything. Your storage method looks great!


    • 2014/02/16 / 13:21

      Lots of people seem to use glossy boxes to store them, I love my display though :) x

  11. CoMichellex
    2014/02/13 / 16:04

    Ooh I really like this :) I keep my nail varnishes in a little ikea pot, it does the job for the moment anyway!


  12. Mel
    2014/02/13 / 16:12

    I want this stand even more than I already did now. I’m getting bored of riffling through the box I keep my nail polishes in for 5 minutes before finally finding my desired one.

    • 2014/02/16 / 13:22

      Me too, finally decided it was time to just buy it haha x

  13. 2014/02/13 / 17:22

    This is so nifty! I’d totally get one if I had enough counter space. The only problem I would have with this is that I have a bunch of different brands, and the mismatched display would bother me haha. I love that you can see everything with this, though!

    • 2014/02/16 / 13:24

      I know what you mean, think it will sway me to buy the same brands to go next to each other. Kept all the same brands together, didn’t realise how many I had :/ xx

  14. Emilybelleblogs
    2014/02/13 / 18:23

    This makes nail polish look even more beautiful. What a wonderful display?! xx

  15. Beky Lou
    2014/02/13 / 18:44

    I love the look of this! I’ve been wanting one for ages, just don’t know where to put it in my room! :P xx

  16. Phiebee x
    2014/02/13 / 20:45

    I think I need this in my life, mine are currently jammed into a little vintage box, this is so much prettier!

  17. Vera Arandas
    2014/02/13 / 21:36

    Lovely! Want that too.

  18. Alex
    2014/02/13 / 21:52

    I really like these, but I wouldn’t have the space :( I have been thinking of getting a wall one. Also I have never tried Barry M, if you have so many I guess I should trust haha xx


    • 2014/02/16 / 13:28

      Barry M always seem to have the best colours! Far more than a lot of brands…get drawn to their counters :p I wanted a wall one but I keep this on my dresser and I can easily move it onto my book shelf if I need to space. Amazons great for finding the stands at a great price x

  19. Hannah Cox
    2014/02/13 / 22:04

    This looks really cute. Great way of displaying pretty colours.

    Hannah x

  20. Jamie Ellis
    2014/02/13 / 22:19

    Such a cute and simple way of storing nail polish, and it looks so organised! Looks like a total must have! x

      • Jamie Ellis
        2014/02/18 / 19:33

        Definitely something I need in my life! x

  21. Micaylah Denton
    2014/02/13 / 22:35

    I love seriously need something like this!

    • 2014/02/16 / 13:29

      I just got my second, for that price you can’t go wrong :) x

  22. Everygoodthingblog by Melissa
    2014/02/13 / 23:53

    This is such a great way to store nail polish! I seriously need to get myself one asap!

  23. 2014/02/14 / 00:11

    this is so clever!! was it really expensive!? Ive been trying to find a cheap one for awhile now haha … being thrifty sometimes certainly has its downside!

    • 2014/02/16 / 13:30

      Check out the links, its not much, mine was about £8 I think but I have Amazon prime x

  24. Ellie
    2014/02/14 / 02:16

    This is such a great idea! I’d love to have a proper nail polish storage rack but I just dont have enough room and so mine are all stored in a box under my bed =[

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:16

      It isn’t too big but at least my polishes aren’t all over the place now! x

    2014/02/14 / 04:56

    Love this idea.. I can’t decide between this type of stand or a wall one! First world problems… haha! xx

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:19

      Haha, No more drilling holes in the wall for me, desk stand :) x

  26. Chelsea
    2014/02/14 / 05:29

    I’ve been storing my nail polish in a makeup bag from Forever 21, lol.
    I need this item!

  27. The GlimGlam
    2014/02/14 / 11:45

    I’m looking to buy a couple of these for my huge collection! I’ve been storing mine in left over glossy boxes!

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:23

      So many people seem to do that! I’ve bought 2 now, don’t want the massive ones that hold 45/60 x

  28. 2014/02/14 / 12:19

    I’m in dire need of one of these. I used to just have all my polishes in a small basket, and now I just have them in a shelf. Not very easy to pick out particular polishes though! xoxo

    Emily ⎜

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:24

      I know what you mean, love being able to see all my shades easily x

  29. 2014/02/14 / 14:59

    Wow your nail varnishes look great in this stand! I keep meaning to order one of these, right now my nail varnishes are shoved in various drawers and boxes: I can never find any ones I want!!

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:25

      I mean’t to buy it months ago and so glad I did, won’t loose/misplace them anymore x

  30. anna
    2014/02/14 / 16:29

    so neat and organized! my nail polishes are currently all stuffed in a shoe box among other miscellaneous things.

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:26

      Mine were everywhere, love the look of them all tidy :) x

  31. Stacey
    2014/02/15 / 17:10

    Going to order one later x

  32. Abi Thrasher
    2014/02/17 / 20:58

    Tempted to order one! My nail varnishes are stored really messily at the moment aha

  33. 2014/02/17 / 22:16

    Been on the hunt for one like these for ages! Thank you x

  34. Olivia Roach
    2014/02/22 / 10:46

    I would love to have something like this for sure! I have so much nailpolish. I have it all arranged on a shelf at the moment, but if anyone bumps into it I can see them all coming down. And on this stand you can see all the colours because they’re in height as well. Agh, definitely on my wishlist now.

    Check out my post to see 11 random facts:

  35. 2014/03/03 / 09:57

    wow, they’re so ordered!! Very nice collection,

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