Nail Polish Storage Stand Review

Nail Polish Storage Nail Polish Stand

I recently featured this product on a wishlist and I didn’t manage to wait very long for buying it! I’m glad I didn’t. This Nail Polish Storage has a good quality build making it strong and sturdy. In the description it can hold 30 polishes, mine held 33. This number will vary based on the polishes you need to store, OPI varnish will take up a lot more room than some of the smaller polishes.

Barry M is maybe my favourite nail polish brand and I didn’t realise how much of their polishes I had bought until seeing them all together but they fit in the rack very well with their square packaging. My only issue is that I need another Nail Polish Storage to keep the rest of my polishes in. I love that I can store my polishes neatly now and that the storage can be put anywhere rather than the more permanent wall mount storages.

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