Necklaces for women

How gorgeous are necklaces? They are sometimes exactly that accessory that can make the biggest difference even with a very basic outfit, enhancing our look in a strategic way. Often, however, choosing the right necklace is not so simple: we have to deal with the type of neckline and the lines of our neck and so on.

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Avoid collars, too tight and out of fashion for a long time.

The light of the daytime may require a bright necklace that decorates the neck right at the point of the décolleté, and for this reason necklaces with colourful crystals or precious charms are preferable. 

Long, thin necklaces, which are always fashionable, are a perfect match for sober, elegant and sporty clothing.

A spotlight necklace

What is a spotlight necklace? It is a jewel that never ceases to enchant and that gives a romantic and sweet allure to the wearer. The spotlight necklace is a jewel loved by all women, precisely for the charm and refined elegance that it is able to express. It can be combined with any outfit and is an ideal fashion accessory as a gift. 

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A Nomination necklace

The Nomination necklace: each collection has its own personality and its own unique and unmistakable style. It is made with the most precious materials of the Made in Italy jewellery tradition: steel, yellow gold, pink gold, silver, and precious stones. Nomination necklaces become the perfect accessory to be worn in any occasion, making every look immediately elegant and very personal. But what is the Nomination necklace like? You can find a wide range of models and ideas tailored for women. A must-have, for instance, is the necklace with your name! Everyone wants it and no one can do without it: the must-have jewel of the moment is without any doubt the necklace with the name to wear alone or in overlapping with other chains on all occasions.

A trend that is certainly not a novelty. In fact, it appeared in the 1980s for the first time among the rap scene, when singers used to wear their impressive jewels on their own with not only the symbols linked to the cultural current they were representing, but also necklaces displaying their name or initial as part of their charisma. 

And if until the end of the Nineties the necklaces with the name were linked to the subculture rap and hip hop, the turning point comes when you see her wearing by the one who still remains in the collective memory as a real style icon: Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, becoming season after season a cult that fascinates generations of women. And thank goodness the trend is back: A trend that is becoming more and more popular among celebrities, who post their shots on social networks in which the protagonists of their daily outfits are them, the necklaces with the name.

How can I customize my Nomination necklace?

You can customize your necklace with the name you want: coloured crystals, hearts, crosses, chains and much more.  Just rely on the online configurator on Nomination’s website to see what your composition of decorative letters and charms will look like right away.

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How to wear it?

Show off countless looks: eclectic, extravagant and always super-chic, but above all, all to copy.  

The necklace with the name was worn by Carrie in many different ways: any idea?  For daytime looks, the crew neck can be worn over a basic t-shirt with a round neckline or together with the shirt, leaving the first two buttons open.  For the evening or a chic cocktail with friends, it can instead become the accessory that enhances a slip dress, the pure 90s style dress with narrow straps, which has also returned to great trend in recent fashion seasons. 



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