Neutral tones geometric nail art with a bit of sparkle

Neutral tones geometric nail art

Neutral nails and mellow shades are really in this season as I have talked about this week. I love my nail art though and had to give my nails a bit of sparkle. This effect is  far easier than it looks, I used 3 neutral shade polishes, masking tape, nail tape and nail gems!

Below shows how I completed each nail, it is all a case of layering and then gently peeling off the tape. To finish I added small drops of polish and added the gems with tweezers. Adding touches of silver tape makes the nails look far more impressive and the tape is so cheap! – my nail tape was 82p from Amazon for 10 rolls :)

Are you a fan of neutral nails this season?

How to use nail art stripesgeometric nail art how too steps

Equipment Used –

Maybelline Forever Strong Nail Polish 10ml in Rosy Sand shade

Barry M Nail Paint Gelly Nail Polish – Lychee

Max Factor Max Colour Effects Mini Nail Polish – Juicy Plum

Nail Art Striping Tape

Silver Nail Diamante



  1. Lauren J
    2014/01/25 / 19:00

    I love these nails. I used to be obsessed with using striping tape but I never have the patience anymore x

    • 2014/01/25 / 23:53

      I know what you mean, I like to use it on a few nails alternatively so I don’t have to spend time on every nail xx :)

  2. Paula @ Beauty Lover
    2014/01/25 / 19:03

    Wow, what fab nails! They look amazing

    Paula xx

  3. Everygoodthingblog by Melissa
    2014/01/25 / 18:23

    Wow these are awesome nails! I’m so impressed, they look great!

  4. 2014/01/25 / 18:41

    This turned out great! I have to ask how long do you wait before applying the tape? I’ve tried doing it before and I thought I waited long enough and the tape ruined the bottom polish… Thanks!

    • 2014/01/25 / 23:49

      I wait until it’s fully dry and depending on the polish I sometimes add a strong top coat so it doesn’t pull off. Then apply the tape. If it does pull off the bottom layer a bit I use a thin nail brush to top it up. :) xx

  5. Melissa Meussen
    2014/01/25 / 18:45

    Wow, this looks gorgeous!

  6. Jamie Ellis
    2014/01/25 / 18:47

    I love these nails! And the colours are lovely!

    • 2014/01/25 / 23:51

      Thanks, I’m loving neutral tones at the moment :) x

  7. 2014/01/25 / 18:56

    I love these so much! The nail tape is so cool. I wish I had the patience for it!

    • 2014/01/25 / 23:51

      I love nail tape, it doesn’t take as long as you’d think :) x

  8. Julia Vedeshina
    2014/01/25 / 19:00

    such a cool tutorial, looks incredible, thanks for sharing x

  9. Nina Alexandridis
    2014/01/25 / 19:50

    They look professional, I can imagine them on the WAH instagram page!
    I love neutral nails too x

  10. 2014/01/25 / 19:54

    Lovely design and gorgeous base colours!


  11. Daniela
    2014/01/25 / 20:46

    Love this! Great design and it looks really easy to do, I may have to try this out tomorrow. The colours are so classy too, they look lovely.

  12. Mel Zia
    2014/01/25 / 21:00

    love the design ! and the colours go perfectly ;)

  13. Mel
    2014/01/25 / 21:53

    I love the design and colour plus it seems really easy to do. I wonder if I can do it without making a giant mess!

    • Annette
      2014/01/25 / 22:39

      I think you’d def. be able to do it. It looks a lot harder than it actually is.

  14. Babeeeeeeta
    2014/01/25 / 21:58

    thats such a great idea! love the effect that the strips create


  15. Annette
    2014/01/25 / 22:38

    I love these fun nail trends, they were the hottest thing during Sep. Fashion Week in NY!!

  16. Annette
    2014/01/25 / 22:40

    By the way just discovered you’re blog and really liked it

  17. Today´s Favorites
    2014/01/26 / 09:23

    Looks good but I thing I don´t have the patience it needs :)
    With best,
    Today´s Favorites

  18. sarazbeautytonic
    2014/01/26 / 11:46

    i love the ring finger nail!!!

  19. 2014/01/26 / 13:49


  20. Joanne
    2014/01/26 / 14:22

    wow your nails look incredible! wish I could do these on mine lol

    • 2014/01/26 / 16:44

      thanking you :D I’m sure you could! Its more time needed than skill xxx

  21. Natacia Coleman
    2014/01/26 / 22:42

    I love these but I’m not brave enough to try them!! haha

  22. Olivia
    2014/01/26 / 23:46

    Nails… something I can really not get enough of. Good tutorial. I’m not sure if I will try this one out, but I will let you know if I do :)

  23. sherene
    2014/01/30 / 13:41

    That looks really good. How long did it take? I always to to go and get my nails done but the maintenance is too expensive.

    • 2014/02/01 / 01:19

      Urmm maybe half an hour, it takes more time waiting for polishes to dry than it does doing the detail and nail art :p

  24. Rebecca
    2014/02/03 / 01:20

    Love this!

  25. Kristine
    2014/02/08 / 04:55

    This is really awesome!


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