Topshop January Outfit Wishlist – OOTD

I can be a bit Topshop mad but I am loving their current items and make up range. Many beauty bloggers are reviewing their cosmetics at the moment and it is quickly being recognised as a solid, quality beauty brand without a big price tag. I am also a big fan of tartan at the moment and these trousers are a perfect statement piece to bring to your wardrobe as they can be dressed up or dressed down.

Which are your favourite Topshop items?

Topshop January Outfit Wishlist

Items –

  1. Topshop Magic Liner in Yonder
  2. Topshop Golden Aura Eye Palette
  3. Topshop Gel Liner in Ink
  4. Topshop Collarless Sheepskin Biker Jacket
  5. Topshop Double Thickness Snood
  6. Topshop Party Animals Tee By Tee And Cake
  7. Topshop Coin Earrings
  8. Topshop Olivia Burton Woodland Butterfly Tan Watch
  9. DKNY False Lash Mascara
  10. Topshop Lip Bullet in Crave
  11. Topshop Cheek and Eye Duo
  12. Topshop St Tropez Perfect Legs Spray
  13. Topshop Tall Tartan Check Trousers
  14. Topshop Leather Hole Punch Belt
  15. Topshop Curb Ring Pack
  16. Topshop Diamond Cut Ring Pack
  17. Topshop ALL YOURS Ankle Boots


  1. Lauren J
    2014/01/26 / 15:09

    This has given me some great ideas of what to buy next! I love the make up products you have chosen x

    • 2014/01/26 / 16:40

      Thanks :) I could buy so much of their make up range! x

  2. Daniela
    2014/01/26 / 14:47

    I’m absolutely in love with Topshop make up! I have a few of their lipsticks, my favourite being Infrared, and I was so pleasantly surprised with the quality.
    The tartan trousers are also beauuuutiful and I want them!

    • 2014/01/26 / 16:43

      Think I might need to get the trousers, they are so nice :) loving their make up range atm :D xx

  3. Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt
    2014/01/26 / 15:03

    The t-shirt is great – I have to check that out and the make up looks amazing – I’ve only tried nail polishes so far but it seems to be really good value for money :o) Xx

    • 2014/01/26 / 16:41

      I’m trying out the fake tan atm but been a big fan of their make up :) xx

  4. Ellie
    2014/01/26 / 15:06

    Ooooh! The party animals top is amazing! Want, want!
    Great post!


  5. Melissa
    2014/01/26 / 16:38

    You’re no good for me. :( I absolutly love all those items! You’ve choosen them wisely! :)

  6. 2014/01/26 / 19:57

    I absolutely love the St. Tropez Tanning Spray, such a great product!

  7. danyszelsky
    2014/01/26 / 21:06

    I liked the jacket and the scarf :) we don’t have Topshop here, so I can’t have a favorite item

  8. Hannah (Bloggerella)
    2014/01/26 / 21:40

    I am Topshop obsessed too! I can’t wait to try the magic liner and the brow pencil, been eyeing them up this week :P

  9. Carey Boyle
    2014/01/26 / 21:48

    I love topshop! They always have really nice boots! xx

    • 2014/01/27 / 21:19

      yes! Topshop boots are great, love their shoe range x

  10. Julia Vedeshina
    2014/01/26 / 22:49

    loved all your picks, especially the trousers, such a beautiful raspberry color mmm

  11. Laurie Medina
    2014/01/27 / 03:43

    LOVE this, I WANT IT ALL! especially that cool jacket + watch + top. wishing there was a Topshop here… *cries* hahah but maybe I can snag some of these online. Love your blog, ladies! have a lovely dayyyyy :) xx

    • 2014/01/27 / 21:35

      Where are you from? no topshop :( glad you love the blog! you too xx

      • Laurie Medina
        2014/01/27 / 23:34

        I’m from san antonio, texas! thaaaanks :) xxx

  12. Guest
    2014/01/27 / 10:32

    the topshop cheek and eye duo looks cute!!!

  13. sarazbeautytonic
    2014/01/27 / 10:33

    top shop cheek and eye duo looks cute!

  14. 2014/01/27 / 10:38

    I love the collage!

  15. Shelby
    2014/01/27 / 16:05

    I love this collage, I have also nominated you in the Liebster Awards you can find it on my blog :).


    • 2014/01/27 / 21:41

      Thanks for nominating us but we don’t qualify for it any more and have had it about 9 times! x

  16. A Palette of Pastels
    2014/01/27 / 18:26

    Missing Topshop! We don’t have it in France :(

  17. Ani
    2014/01/27 / 19:26

    we don´t have a topshop here, but i have to definitely check out their online shop
    the items are great ;)

  18. Mary-Ann Lusmore
    2014/01/28 / 19:46

    I want so much off your list, if only I had the money!!

    Mary-Ann xx

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