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Nikon 1 J2-Review

Nikon 1 J2 Review

One of the questions that I get asked all the time is, ‘what type of camera do you use?’ Almost all the images that has been shown on this blog to date have been taken with my Canon 60D. It’s an amazing DSLR camera. With it being part of the Cannon rage you have access to so many lens and really get what you’re looking for out of a camera. But it does have 1 major downside, and that is the fact it is a big on the bulky side (especially when you have a battery grip like I do). I also worry about taking such an expensive camera out with me.

So with summer coming closer, and more and more blogging events on the horizon  I decided that I would make a purchase and keep a camera on me all the time.  I decided that one of the best cameras for this was the Nikon 1 Range. One of the major reasons for this is that the build quality, and the ease of a point and shoot. I feel like some cameras can be too complex for what you want them to do. A few nights research late, and so far I’m very happy with my purchase. I managed to get  a bit of a bargain on it, I’ll be doing a few posts about accessories for it in the near future. Such as getting a Eye-fi card so that I can use the camera for instagram, or cases that I really like for it.

The added bonus is that the video out of the Nikon 1 J2, is amazing it feel like its only a little but behind my DSLR. Of course it’s never going to beat some of the full frame cameras like the Canon 5D. But for what I want it to do, you can’t really get much better for the price range! I’ll be doing a comparison post in the upcoming weeks, putting the cameras neck to neck. While I already know what the overall winner will be it will be interesting to find out just how close a small compact camera will come.

The only real thing that I would like to say, is that the auto focus is a bit …. urm random. As it’s basically a point and shoot i’m yet to find a way to get finite control over it, so it’s a bit here or there most of the time. But as I’ve only used it for around a day, I’m still getting to grips with it all. I’m sure in another few days I’ll be able to give a better feedback about it all.

Below I have attached some pictures! As it’s all well and good me talking about it, but what you’re interested in, is how good are the images out of it!

Note: None of the images have had any work done to them in Photoshop/Light room, other than a crop (mainly to get it to fit this page!)

Nikon 1 J2-Review Nikon 1 J2-Review Nikon 1 J2-Review Nikon 1 J2-Review Nikon 1 J2-Review Nikon 1 J2-Review

Nikon 1 J2

Eye-fi Card

Canon 60D

Battery Grip

I would love to hear what you guys think, as well as find out what you are using for blogging and vlogging? As it’s quite hard to find information out on what everyone has, as they are so many different brands or  if you have any suggestions on what I should photograph in the comparisons. Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Shiny
    2014/03/11 / 19:17

    Those pictures turned out beautifully. Great camera review. I got a lower priced Nikon camera. Maybe I may upgrade to this one day.

    Bright and Shiny

  2. Ashley
    2014/03/11 / 19:39

    Is it bad I just want to buy it because it’s a nice looking camera?

  3. Todaysfavorites
    2014/03/11 / 18:54

    I bought Sony compact camera for blogging and i’m very happy with that. I have also canon 5D and I have to say that my new Sony allows to play around with depthof field almost as good as my Canon with 50mm fix lens. Look at the camera here:

    With best,

  4. Holly
    2014/03/11 / 18:55

    I’ve always loved the look of the Nikon one, but for me compact cameras just don’t work! I have a Sony DSLR currently and I hate having to take it out with me!

    Holly /

  5. Daniëlle
    2014/03/11 / 20:10

    Fabulous photos. The Nikon 1 is a good camera and I am planning on buying a compact-camera since I do not want or can carry my Canon 400D always with me. Maybe I’m buying this one. :)

  6. 2014/03/11 / 19:29

    That’s some really good depth of field for a point and shoot camera. I use a Canon EOS 1000D I’ve had for about five years and it still works perfectly. I also take it out with me all the time (even on nights out) but I totally get your fear about not bringing it out with you anywhere but it’s great that you can get such fab quality photos from something so small but I’ll probably always reach for my SLR (either digital or film for more recreational photography)

  7. Hannah
    2014/03/11 / 20:07

    Ooh those pictures are lovely! The camera looks pretty too which is definitely a bonus!

  8. 2014/03/11 / 20:16

    I’m actually looking for another camera, ’cause mine isn’t the best ever. But thanks for the tip!

  9. Jennie Farnell
    2014/03/11 / 20:36

    I’m in need for a new compact camera seeing as the music festivals are coming up!

  10. Wendy Maldonado
    2014/03/11 / 22:08

    I just bought the The Samsung WB250F with Wifi, I love it. I still need to learn to use it better though. I bought mine on clearance for $105

  11. 2014/03/11 / 21:16

    Looks pretty cool! I’m currently using an old Olympus Mju 1010. Under the correct lighting, it does what it’s supposed to do perfectly, so at the moment I’m pleased with it. Though I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a newer and better camera. Then again, we’re always in search of better things :)

  12. Georgia Sid
    2014/03/11 / 21:31

    The pictures are perfect!

    I want to invest in a new camera as well…but with so many options out in the market it’s quite a hard decision. I will keep on looking but your post helped me a lot :)

  13. Connie
    2014/03/12 / 00:13

    I just purchased the Canon 70D, and it is definitely on the bulky side. The images from this camera came out so pretty. It makes me want to reconsider my purchase. LOL!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  14. Melisa R.
    2014/03/12 / 00:44

    i have the Nikon 1 J1 and i love it, the quality of the photos is amazing! and it so easy to use!
    Polish & Lemonade

  15. 2014/03/12 / 00:02

    Wow the pictures came out really nice. I’m glad to see nikon improved their point and shoots. I use to have one of the earlier coolpix, right before they came out with the touchscreen and it was a pain with hit and miss quality. Personally, I use my Nikon D3100 for most blog pictures and my iPhone as well. I use both for vlogging, but usually use the iPhone out of convenience. I need to invest in a handheld though.

  16. Karen
    2014/03/12 / 00:15

    I have a Nikon 1 that I carry with me pretty much all of the time. If you want some photography tips drop me a line :)

  17. 2014/03/12 / 00:18

    I found this post really interesting… I use a Nikon D90 as my DSLR and a Canon S110 as my compact. The Canon is a fab camera, esp in low light….However as I’m finding I use it so much these days (compacts are so handy!) I’ve decided I’ll treat mulls elf to an upgrade. Current front runners are the Fuji X100S or the X Pro 1. Both meant to be the best compacts in the world….but very pricey. I’m going to go into Jessops to try them out against the Nikon 1 and Canon EOS M. I’m hoping I like the Nikon or Canon more….for my wallet’s sake!

  18. 2014/03/12 / 02:41

    JEEBUS, look at the quality on that! Seems like it would be a good compact vlogging camera …? The picture quality is amazing though! I use a Nikon D3100 which I love, but doesn’t have autofocus or a little flippy outty screen thing.

  19. Polished PR
    2014/03/12 / 04:10

    What a great post– thanks for the detailed review! I’ve been trying to find a light and functional camera for when I take photos of my nails, I’m tired of the inconsistency I experience with my iPhone. This Nikon is great, and definitely within my price range. Thanks again!

  20. Elizabeth
    2014/03/12 / 10:49

    SO grateful for this post. I have been looking for a new camera I can carry on me all the time. I normally use A Fujifilm s3280, which is way to bulky to take everywhere.

    Liz, Style by 1415 x

  21. Renae Farr
    2014/03/12 / 12:53

    I really like the picture quality. I wish I would have read this before I bought my new camera. I do like my new camera but the autofocus is a little wierd as well. I got the Samsung Smart Camera WB250F. A simple point and shoot and automatic upload to my social media sites.

  22. Jilian Banjoko
    2014/03/17 / 21:43

    would love to see an update and an in depth review as I was trying to save for a canon 60D but this looks like a cheaper and easier to manage alternative. could you possibly take pics of the same things with both cams so that we can also compare the quality?? x

  23. 2014/03/18 / 04:37

    I recently got that camera as well, but I’m still struggling a bit with it. I use a Nikon at work, and I used Canon/Nikon when I was taking my photography classes. So, with playing around a bit I’ve learned to find the settings and such, but what actually bothers me the most is the Auto mode. It’s the simple photos that I want to take, not for my blog or for a shooting (I can take the time to use the settings I want with those), but just for the sake of taking pics when I’m celebrating with friends and such. Those turn out usually pretty bad, specially at night. And specially if it’s a friend that is taking the picture so I can be on it, it doesn’t seem to work like your usual point and shoot. So, I hope you read some more about your experience with this camera :)

  24. 2014/03/22 / 20:52

    I recently got the J3 and am obsessed with it. I’m a newbie when it comes to photography and found it so easy to use. You get really lovely photos and it’s the perfect size for on the go!

    Jen |

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