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For my wedding I know that I am going to need to look into the best method for curling my hair overnight. I have very long and also very thick hair so I know that it doesn’t really matter how expensive the heating tool, the curls in warm weather are probably not going to last. I often, in the past, have rag rolled my hair as it has been a fantastic technique for no heat curls that lasts me all day and requires little effort the night before. For my wedding day however I want some curls that are a little more uniform, neat and tidy so here are some of the no heat curls techniques I have been researching…

Check out No Heat Curling Techniques for Warm Weather

by Mary Oliver at Mode

I have never thought about trying out curling my hair in such unusual ways. Some of these no heat curls methods look so easy or give such different results. I will definitely have to give them all a try and see how they work for me; whether the curls drop out or if they withstand the whole day, how easy they are to sleep on, how long it takes, and lastly, and most importantly, how well they look.

I will be trialling this over the next few weeks but I definitely want to try the t-shirt, socks, headband and sock bun methods for no heat curls. It seems like the perfect way to style my hair on the big day, in the warm weather it will withstand and will feel in far better condition so fingers crossed I will find something that looks fantastic!

Sometimes if I am travelling long distance I twist my damp hair and leave it in the car for easy curls (obviously not an option on my wedding day but still a simple technique for big ringlets)

no heat curls

Please let me know if you would like to see the results from my tests and which you would like to see my trial first and my verdict on it. If you want to see how I rag roll my long hair here is a short demo video, its an easy no heat curls method, very quick and doesn’t hurt to sleep on.


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