Patchwork Winter Boots


Sometimes finding unique shoes to wear at the time of year can be tricky. I tasked myself with finding a funky footwear option that is actually weather appropriate. I decided on the red Gracosy vintage floral pattern leather handmade boots from Luckyfine* (gifted). I’ve surprised myself how often I am reaching for these shoes. Firstly they are reasonably flat, so they are a no-brainer when it comes to daily wear. Secondly, they go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. Footwear can be a fun way to change up an outfit and give the whole thing a quirky edge.

Patchwork Winter Boots 7
Patchwork Winter Boots 8
Patchwork Winter Boots 9
Patchwork Winter Boots 10

They have a zip on the side for ease, and there are laces in front which can be undone so no hassle in trying to get into them. The boots high-quality leather is comfortable and soft, which reduces stress on your joints. Designed with a steady low block chunky heel and anti-slip sole keeps them comfortable and suitable for all-day wear. The inner lining layer is another luxurious finishing detail. These vintage and cute booties are perfect for just about any occasion!

Patchwork Winter Boots 11
Patchwork Winter Boots 12

Patchwork Winter Boots 13

Patchwork Winter Boots 14
Patchwork Winter Boots 15

So how do you style these patchwork boots? I have found that they work best when I wear them as a statement piece with a paired back wardrobe. So I have tended to pair them with my jeans or with a simple skirt and have loved the effect they had; making the whole outfit feel way more colourful and dressy. They are spectacular and so comfortable you needn’t worry about breaking them in.

All in all, they are just a very practical shoe that I can see myself wearing long past they’ve winter months. It turns out that sensible footwear with warmth and grip can be a decent investment in your wardrobe!Patchwork Winter Boots 16

Patchwork Winter Boots 17
Patchwork Winter Boots 18
Patchwork Winter Boots 19

Patchwork Winter Boots 20

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