Playboy Makeup – Blushing Bunny

Over the last few weeks I have been enjoying Playboys makeup range, finding a lot of love for their lipsticks and a little less in their nail polishes. Today I wanted to share with you the Playboy Makeup set Blushing Bunny shimmer bronze powder. It is described as a bronzer but there is quite a bit of pink in the mosaic so I’ve only used it as a blusher. Its quite a sturdy little compact with a decent size mirror inside and a matte black finish to its robust packaging exterior.

Playboy Makeup bronzing powder

The colours in the mosaic are very vibrant and strong with a very bright pink and dark blown on a medium brown base which is the majority shade. The blush has a little shimmer to it and is very long lasting. I really like this as a blush as I prefer my blusher to have a few tones and not one block colour so often need to use two blushers to achieve this.

The contrast in shades isn’t as well shown in my images but it means it takes a lot of blending to achieve your results. I apply the the powder first near the hollows of my cheeks and then take a fluffy face blush to blend the tones more evenly.

Playboy Makeup bronzing powder

I only noticed recently as it isn’t obvious, mentioned on the packaging or shown in online pictures but the reason for its depth is that it has a second layer with a brush in it. The brush is a half moon, cheap  and brittle feeling brush that is very ineffective at applying the product in anything other than streaks. In contrast to the rest of the compact it doesn’t live up to the same standard and I recommend using your own.

Playboy Makeup bronzing powder

Are you a fan of the Playboy Makeup Range?

Playboy Makeup set Blushing Bunny shimmer bronze powder*


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