Playboy Nail Polish Review

playboy nail polishPlayboy Nail Polish Review

You might remember a week or so ago I reviewed the lipsticks in the new Playboy Cosmetics range. Now it is the turn of the Playboy nail polish. Overall I was super impressed with the lipsticks, the same can’t be said for their nail polish. Keep reading to find out why I was pretty disappointed with this product.

The Playboy nail polish that I was given to try out was Minx Pinx and Billionaire. The colour of the Minx Pinx was fantastic, I’ve never quite seen anything that looks this vibrant and I was really excited to get my summer neon shade on. I love the packaging, the overall finish of the bottle makes it feel like a very high end product. Billionaire is a very thin gold glitter polish for adding a little shimmer over colour.

playboy nail polish

Both polishes were fairly thin and had little colour to them, needing a few coats of polish. All was going well with this product, my nails were finished and looked great, until I had a shower. As soon as I went in the water I felt the Playboy nail polish just slide off my fingers. The polish slid clean off and looked like false nails or nail stickers as they were so perfect. It was the strangest thing as I’ve never seen a polish do this before. I wouldn’t have expected Playboy to put there name to a product that does this.

playboy nail polish

A question was raised by Jenni Bee as to whether Playboy Cosmetics are cruelty free or not. Well I have done some looking around and it seems that it might be, they haven’t stated it on their products but if anyone knows any information about this I would be keen to know. The fragrances that Playboy produce are cruelty free so I would take a bet that these are too. I will update the post when I know for sure. If any of you guys know anything about it please post below.

Minx Pinx*



  1. Anabel Boyanova
    2014/08/24 / 01:21

    Wow! I have had that occur to me before where my polish peels off in the shower but it generally is when I’m using a low quality base coat actually!

  2. 2014/08/24 / 20:17

    I didn’t even know that playboy has cosmetic range….. and thanks for the review anyway! I definitely won’t buy this product since the quality is bad………

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