Microexfoliation Cloth – My new Exfoliation routine

I have been using this microexfoliation cloth for the last month and it is now firmly in my list of favourite items. When I first received the item I must admit I was a little unimpressed for the price, the box was a bit battered, had little instruction and the cloth has a strange texture like a paper towel. After trying it the results changed my whole opinion around on the microexfoliation cloth.

microexfoliation cloth

The microexfoliation cloth can be used either with cleanser or like I have been doing by adding water. It can be used on all skin types and fights acne, wrinkles and blackheads. I use it both in a morning and evening on my neck and face fitting it in as an with my everyday routine.

The cloth uses microfibres, smaller than a hair, to achieve its results. On my first use I wasn’t expecting a lot and it didn’t feel like it was doing much so I was a little over rough. Due to this it caused bleeding on a blemish prone area where the skin is a bit thinner. Since then over the last month I have found it to be very effective and for me with dry, blemish prone skin the microexfoliation cloth only needs to be used lightly once over the face followed by a moisturiser.

microexfoliation clothThe microexfoliation cloth obviously leaves no product on the face and cleans the skin so thoroughly and deeply. As it removes the dead skin and bacteria my blemishes have cleared up dramatically and it it is helping to fade the marks left by my previous outbreaks.

It lasts from two to two and a half months and it is a little pricey, although it may match the price of your liquid exfoliator over that time. I also love that it reduces one more liquid item to worry about when flying, so perfect if you are travelling. The box recommends 2 minutes but that is too intense and too drying and I suggest a moisturiser after using. I have been struggling with blemishes and this product has started actually sorting out my skin.

Microexfoliation Cloth*



  1. India Benjamin
    2014/08/25 / 10:25

    This sounds interesting, would you say it’s much different to using a muslin cloth? :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. Mysty Nyckel
    2014/08/26 / 16:48

    Great review!! Thank you!

  3. 2014/08/27 / 17:26

    Now that’s a technique that’s definitely new to me! I am only familiar with AHAs and BHAs.

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