Real Techniques Brushes – Stippling Brush Review

Real Techniques Brushes

Real Techniques Brushes

There are a lot of glowing reviews about the Real Techniques brushes and they are a very popular choice of brush. I use Nanshy brushes for applying most of my makeup which you can read about here but wanted to try out the Real Techniques stippling brush for applying my foundation after reading such good reviews. The brush is a little expensive, I bought it in Superdrug but you can get it much cheaper online.

Real Techniques Brushes

Real Techniques Brushes are cruelty free and uses taklon bristles. The brush is quite unique in that it is dual fibre, the brush has fewer long bristles that are white combined with very densely packed, shorter, black fibres. This made such a difference when applying my foundation. I apply my foundation to my hand, pick up a small amount with the brush and in small circular motions apply it to my face. I only get foundation on the white tips of the brush and gently apply it evenly. The coverage difference the brush has made is fantastic, I have tried it with both my cheaper Rimmel foundation as well as my NARS foundation. The stippling brush has made a bigger difference in coverage result and evenness than brand or expense of foundation used. If you are looking to improve the look of your complexion I would suggest first trying the stippling brush to see the results before changing or upgrading foundation.

Real Techniques Brushes

Real Techniques Brushes are designed with a slightly weighted base so that they can stand alone, this is great for keeping your dressing table clear and organised. The Real Techniques Stippling brush has a structured flat top brush that can help you build a flawless base on your skin. Many people use this brush not only for liquid foundation but also powder, blush or blonzer. Real Techniques Brushes are colour coded corresponding to a key step of makeup application. The Pink brushes are used for finishing off your look although I think the stippling brush should be in their orange colour code for creating a flawless finish. This brush is fantastic for applying foundation, giving you an even canvas and improving the look of you complexion.

Have you tried Real Techniques Brushes?

Real Techniques Stippling brush

Real Techniques Brushes


  1. Kate
    2014/05/21 / 07:57

    I haven’t tried any Real Techniques brushes as yet but I want to try this one now! Anything that can help to improve the look of my skin is something I need in my life! Great review. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. 2014/05/21 / 08:11

    This brush looks beautiful!
    I love a good stippling brush I am currently loving Furless Cosmetics Perfectly Pink Stippling Brush but I have heard some great things about the Real Techniques one!
    Since changing to a stippling brush I have loved the coverage and my skin has been healthier go figure!
    Thanks for the review!
    xo Holly xo


  3. Leah
    2014/05/21 / 08:50

    I usually use their expert face brush to apply my foundation. I’ve always by-passed the stippling brush as ones I’ve tried in the past have shed all over my face! After your glowing review I might have to give it a go :) x

  4. 2014/05/21 / 09:11

    I love using this for cream blush x

  5. Hannah Barnes
    2014/05/21 / 09:56

    I have quite a few of the real techniques brushes and love them, I have this one and use it when I apply my cream concealer for my contouring and highlighting routine to blend out the concealer and it really is great! I haven’t used it for foundation yet but I want to give it a go now. Thank you for this post xo

  6. MaquillageMagic
    2014/05/21 / 10:27

    I love real technique brushes they are the best in my opinion. I really like the stippling brush but before for cream products, such as blushers and bronzers. For me it didn’t really work applying foundation but I may have to give it another go!

    Laura xx

  7. Antonella Zammit
    2014/05/21 / 12:10

    Apart from being really good they are really pretty :)

  8. 2014/05/21 / 14:28

    Real Techniques are great brushes, my favourite is the blusher brush – so soft and smooth and helps me apply really accurately. Have not yet tried the stippling brush!

  9. Krystal
    2014/05/21 / 14:37

    I love this brush, I mainly use mine to buff in foundation and concealer, however I have a second one cause I like it so much that use for other cream products!

    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug & Tumblr

  10. Melissa L.
    2014/05/21 / 15:37

    I like this brush too! I usually use it with a “stippling” motion, i.e. kind of stamping the flat top lightly on my face until the foundation looks even. I love the airbrushed finish, but it takes an extra 30 seconds to apply foundation as compared to some of my other brushes.

    Melissa | M is for Melissa

  11. Grace Denny
    2014/05/21 / 16:26

    I’ve a few Real Techniques brushes that I thought were just alright but I’ve been really wanting to try out their stippling brush – like you said, I’ve been hearing such great things about the finish that it gives your makeup! I’ve got a dual fibre foundation brush already but it’s not from RT, so I’ve been a little undecided about whether I really needed a new one or not – totally think I’m gonna have to give it a whirl now though. haha.

    XO, G from grace’d

  12. Jessica Whitbread
    2014/05/21 / 20:31

    I love the real techniques brushes!

  13. 2014/05/21 / 21:23

    I love the Real Techniques brushes. Check out cohorted, they currently have the blush brush (which is amazing) at a reduced price x

  14. 2014/05/21 / 23:14

    I just recently bought this brush, too! I use it to apply cream blush. Works like a charm. I love all of the RT brushes I’ve used so far!

  15. Rosie
    2014/05/22 / 07:09

    I love this brush, it really does help to make your foundation look flawless, I wish I’d discovered it sooner.

  16. kadinkutusu / femmebox
    2014/05/22 / 08:45

    I’ve bought the expert brush and washed a couple days ago. It dries so so fast and washing doesn’ t give any damage. However, i didn’t try it yet. I can’t decide what i will use it for. For blushes or foundation. :)

  17. Sophie
    2014/05/22 / 10:36

    I like to use this brush to apply blush :) it picks up just the right amount of product and places it nicely on the cheeks!

  18. Neelam
    2014/05/23 / 09:38

    I use this brush to apply pigmented blushes, I find I can control how much I apply better with this brush. I personally feel like it’s not dense enough to apply foundation with.

  19. Bobbi
    2014/05/31 / 04:51

    I haven’t tried the stippling brush yet, but love all their other brushes. I currently use Mac’s stippling brush to apply cream blushes. xoxo, Bobbi

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