Rock Chick Nails – Perfect sparkly nail art for Christmas (with a bit of attitude)

Rock Chick Nails! Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? Well these sparkly purple nails are definitely most at home on the floor in front of a rock band. I did these nails for when I went to see 30 Seconds To Mars and my friends all loved them!Rock Chick NailsI used Barry M’s Vivid purple paint and their Diamond Jewel Glitter Nail Paint on a few of the nails, making some extra sparkly! On the rest I used W7 Nail Bling Nail Art Glitter Set  which was really easy to use and apply and looked fantastic on! I used a magazine under my nails when I did them so I could easily pour the glitter onto the second coat of nail polish and then I was able to tip the spare glitter back into the tubs. I will definitely be using these sets again as they make doing your nails easy and good fun.

 Barry M’s Vivid purple paint

 Diamond Jewel Glitter Nail Paint

W7 Nail Bling Nail Art Glitter Set 



  1. Tod
    2013/12/05 / 00:57

    Those are cool! Tod

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