Black Cut out Boots Top 3 from Ebay, Very and New Look!

Black Cut out Boots Top 3 wishlist of the most gorgeous boots for this winter season. For my graduation this week I bought #1 from Ark but found it cheaper on Ebay and they are exactly the same! Damn it! but they are fantastic shoes, I love them, they are gorgeous, easy to walk in and have a nice sized heel. #2 Miss KG Bonjour boots from Very are a bit lighter than the other pairs and less chunky and I really like the gold attention and cross over leather detail.   #3 Newlook low heel boots are really affordable and reasonably priced, they also are flat which means they are perfect for everyday. Their oversized, chunky buckles make them a real statement piece.

Black Cut out Boots Top 3 #1 Ebay chunky boots

#2 Very Miss KG Bonjour boots

#3 Newlook low heel boots