Shodo Lord and Berry Eyeliner

The Shodo Eyeliner is a brand new launch from Milan makeup atelier Lord & Berry. I always love a good cat flick eyeliner and my weapon of choice is always a pen eyeliner. They are clean, simple, quick and effective for me to apply during the scrabble that is my morning routine.

Pen eyeliners are often let down by two things – either the brush tip being too hard, soft, wide etc making it hard to create the perfect look, the second being that the brush doesn’t release enough product leaving it looking grey rather than a solid black pigment.

Shodo Lord & Berry

The Shodo Lord and Berry eyeliner was a product I was keen to try. Sounding very similar to the Kat Von D eyeliners with the brush tips the Shodo eyeliners are Japanese calligraphy-inspired to draw precise thick and superfine lines.Shodō is a form of calligraphy or artistic writing of the Japanese language. As well as this they are described as quick drying, long lasting, sweat and water resistant.

I found the brush very soft and easy to apply with precision as it has a very fine tapered tip. As it is a brush rather than a sponge tip it was easier to apply, sweeping across the lid. Perfect if you have limited time or looking to improve your eyeliner game.

Shodo Lord & Berry

I did find the formula as described fast drying – not that I have an issue with any other eyeliners and their drying time. I often find eyeliner can transfer and the Shodo smudge-proof properties didn’t strong with eyeliner transferring to my eyelid by the end of the day. The Shodo eyeliner has a film-type base line so is meant to be resistant to sweat and water but it dissolve away in warm water. I found that the Shodo eyeliner did transfer throughout the day however which was disappointing but it was easier than usual to remove in the evening.

I have two real issues with the Shodo eyeliner, firstly that it transferred and didn’t stay in place. The second, as you can see in the pictures, the brush doesn’t always release enough product. When doing my eyeliner sometimes it would have a perfect flow of pigment, other times looking a little grey, wispy and dry.

Overall an ok eyeliner, but not perfect – especially for a £16 price tag.

Have you tried the Shodo Lord and Berry Eyeliner? What were your thoughts?

Shodo Lord & Berry

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