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Shoe Clips

I was recently contacted by MinoshLTD to review some of their shoe clips. I love shoe clips and have made my own in the past, adding flowers to my boring prom shoes etc to brighten them up. They are a great way to take plain, old or cheap shoes and give them a new life. Show clips are a great way to get creative and make any shoe customisable.

I loved the black bow clips the most from the ones sent although may remove the additional gems depending on my outfit. I also like the fan clips but may spray them gold to go with my black and gold heels :). MinoshLTD are new but have a great broad range, are reasonably priced and have a website coming soon.

If you are interested in the shoe clips you can contact MinoshLtd on twitter – @MineOzkumru

Shoe clip bows



  1. 2014/03/04 / 17:20

    i used to hate the idea of shoe clips but the ones that have come out recently are just divine! Plus, it really helps satiate my obsession with bows. Love your picks!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m your newest follower <3
    from–The Lion’s Den

  2. 2014/03/04 / 16:36

    Really cute! Love the bows as well :)

  3. Michelle
    2014/03/04 / 16:42

    I love it! I’ve never followed a blog with two authors before – looking forward to reading more! I saw shoe clips (accessories or shoe jewelry) on a popular show in the US called Shark Tank… great idea! Thanks for the follow.

  4. 2014/03/04 / 18:42

    This is a really fab idea, very clever. :) x

  5. Lauren Chloe Ash
    2014/03/04 / 20:24

    Such a cute idea! xoxo

    • MinoshLtd
      2014/03/05 / 14:02

      Glad you like them

    • MinoshLtd
      2014/03/05 / 13:54

      Thank you Zhanna glad you like them

    • MinoshLtd
      2014/03/05 / 13:52

      Hi Erin, thank you for your lovely comment, visit my twitter page for a larger range.

  6. 2014/03/05 / 11:40

    Really cute ones. :) Kind of remind me of some “Edwardian” ages / Marie Antoinette etc.. ^^ Not my style but sweet! And definitely make a difference to some plain heels.

    x Satu

  7. MinoshLtd
    2014/03/05 / 13:58

    Thanks Letsstrikeapose for posting my designs

  8. 2014/03/05 / 23:22

    These are so different and cute! :) I love the little dice.xx

    • MinoshLtd
      2014/03/12 / 13:16

      Hi the dice are £8 and come in many different colours. You can find me on Twitter should you wish to purchase.

  9. Roxie T
    2014/03/06 / 10:04

    Hi girls!
    I think that’s a great idea ;)
    :* :* Roxie T

  10. Chris Woakes
    2014/06/18 / 08:11

    Amazing collections of shoe clips, these are so beautiful. Last month I bought a pinkish shoe clips from Freyarose which is very beautiful and I love them and I really loved these collections too.

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