Skinetica Product Review

Skinetica Product Review Skinetica is an anti-blemish product. You use it on clean, dry skin with a cotton pad and leave to air dry. I’ve done this twice a day for a few weeks now. It is seen to be kinder on your skin with no harsh chemicals like a lot of skin clearing products. I would include some photos of the product, me using it, the consistency etc but it just looks like water!

I never used to have blemishes as a teenager, my skin was great. Since hitting my twenties my skin has been awful! Breakouts and soreness, trying out different products that then dry my skin out really badly. I have a pretty strong prescription to keep it all under control now and my skin stays mostly clear. Whilst using Skinetica everyday I have been able to reduce using this medicine everyday and only use it every other day, no break outs! Using Skinetica and cutting down on my prescription has meant that my skin isn’t as dried out as the Skinetica is nowhere near as harsh.

Skinetica has that strange toner smell but it isn’t an unpleasant one. It has no drying effect on your skin or stinging and air dries like water – no residue or greasiness and makeup can be applied straight over the top. It’s now part of my daily routine to keep my skin looking clear and would be brilliant for anyone prone to a few blemishes right up to someone with sore skin from acne. They offer a free week sample from their website so check it out!

Would anyone be interested in a Skinetica giveaway? Let me know and I may organise one for in a few weeks :)



  1. Imogen Cooper
    2014/02/26 / 16:56

    I’ve suffered from problem skin for quite a while so I might have to give this a try – thanks for sharing! And ooh yes, a giveaway sounds great :)

  2. 2014/02/26 / 17:01

    I have a bottle of this and I love it, it clears up breakouts pretty much straight away – dream product!


  3. 2014/02/26 / 18:54

    This sounds interesting! I’ve had bad skin for ages now, so it’s always nice to try new things and see if something could work better than my current products. A giveaway sounds good :)

    Natalie | Broke Student Fashion

  4. The Look Lover
    2014/02/26 / 19:40

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  5. Lisa
    2014/02/27 / 23:15

    Having had skin problems since giving birth (damn hormones) I would love to try it out!


  6. 2014/03/01 / 16:36

    That’s so interesting that you just let it dry! I’ve never heard of it, but if it’s not harsh on the skin, I’m all for trying it out, haha.

  7. 2014/03/03 / 13:19

    sounds great, i would love to try it out! and thanks for the follow on bloglovin! :)

  8. Jessica
    2014/03/04 / 22:38

    Going to nab the sample now! Never heard of this brand but sounds like something I could easily work into my morning skincare regime!

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