Sk:n Clinics Clear Skin Challengers

Recently I have had some really problematic skin. I have had so many issues with blemishes and break outs and whilst I wouldn’t class it as acne my skin can still be very painful, red and is doing nothing for my confidence. I would love to be break out free and blemish scar free for my big day and whilst it is quite a while off it has been on my mind.

I have had different treatments on my skin in the past, you may have seen my vlog featuring my trip for a Microdermabrasion and LED Phototherapy treatment, which was actually one of my most effective spot fighting treatments. Since it was so good, and I haven’t found any miracle products, I decided to look into these methods again to fight my blemishes.

Sk:n Clinics* has a clinic that I drive by, but when I had a look online I realised that they have a huge amount of clinics around the country. I spotted that they have different sales on and do cover Acne treatments, Acne Scar treatments and Microdermabrasion. On the Sk:n Clinics website I found a really interesting section dedicated to clear skin. Sk:n Clinics have a clear skin challenge where you can follow the journey of ten clear skin challengers, all who are around the same age as me and having skin problems like myself.  They were given individual treatment plans in a specialist consultation with an acne expert. You can read about their skin journeys and treatments on their website.

Sk:n Clinics

They all had different treatment plans and for me they were very interesting to read through and see the results, particularly Katie’s. Katie is getting married in September 2015 and wanted clear skin to walk down the aisle, which obviously struck a chord with me. She was recommended completing a course with their anti-blemish product range, and a course of Isolaz Laser treatment. What I also found interesting was that she was told to try mineral make-up such as Bare Minerals which I might have to try!

Have you ever tried Sk:n Clinics* or any acne treatments?

Are there any that you would recommend for myself?



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