How to rock the natural makeup look

How to rock the natural makeup look

The natural makeup look or ‘no makeup makeup’ is one that has graced both the catwalks and pages of fashion magazines for some time now. However, this au natural look isn’t the easiest to achieve, and there are some tips to follow to make sure you succeed in looking fresh and barefaced rather than looking like you’ve just jumped out of bed.

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Keep your skin in top condition

To achieve the perfect base for your natural makeup look, it’s important to keep your skin in the best possible condition it can be. To do this, make sure you drink plenty of water, cleanse and moisturise daily and maintain a healthy diet. You’d be surprised at just how much these three things can improve the overall look of your skin – so much so that you might want to skip makeup altogether.

Cleanse with a hot cloth

To remove any oil or dirt from your face wash with a gentle cleanser and a hot cloth. Using exfoliator will bring out redness in your skin which will require more coverage – something that we’re trying to avoid for this look.  

Conceal any imperfections

If you’ve got pimples, blemishes or dark circles you first need to conceal these so that your skin can look flawless.

Wear a light foundation

It’s recommended that you use a light, airy foundation rather than something that’s thicker because you don’t want it to seem like you’re wearing anything at all. Apply it evenly with a brush or a sponge so that it is even and not streaky. If you feel as though your skin is in particularly good condition, you might want to only apply your foundation to problem areas.

Subtly add some blush

Instead of opting for a blush that has a bright pigment, choose a light pink or peach that has a creme consistency. Creme blushes are easier to blend into your cheekbone as this is where your pink undertones naturally occur anyway.

A light lip colour

While a bright red or a deep purple lip can look great, neither of these colours really fit with the natural look. Aim for a light pink, peach or even sandy coloured lipstick, preferably with a slight shine. If your lips are in tip-top condition, you could even keep it simple with nothing but a little gloss.

A tiny flick of mascara

If your eyelashes are naturally lengthy, you might want to skip this step, but if not, a thin layer of mascara is all you’re going to need. Choose a natural product, such as the Fixing Gel Mascara from Tropic Skincare, as it won’t be too heavy or clumpy.  

Stay clear of eyeliner

It’s best to skip eyeliner altogether if you’re going for a natural look. This applies to both the top and the bottom of your eye. Plus, when it comes to taking your makeup off at the end of the day you’ll realise how easy it is without eyeliner.

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