The Best Business Bags To Take On Your Next Workcation

If your company is sending you somewhere for work, there could be an opportunity for you to mix business travel with leisure. Perhaps you’ll be able to visit a museum or explore some bars and restaurants after work. Whatever your itinerary will be, what’s important is to travel with style. 

The bag industry is filled with aesthetic and functional bag designs intended to meet the needs of all travelers today. However, this article is a good place to start if you’re a businessman or woman looking to purchase a sleek and modern travel bag, yet you’re overwhelmed with too many choices. 

Consider the following business bags that are perfect for your next workcation. 

  1. Leather Travel Bags  

If you want to travel with style, you should pay more attention to the material of your travel bag. In this case, leather is elegant, professional, and beautiful at the same time. In other words, it gives any bag a timeless feel and elevates your overall professional look. Whether you’re heading somewhere tropical or cool, leather bags make great travel bags. They come in different sizes, colors, and designs, so it’s all a matter of choosing the right one that fits your personal taste.  

Von Baer recommends a rolling leather carry-on for a business travel bag, as it’s both professional in appearance and practical to use.  

The Best Business Bags To Take On Your Next Workcation 1

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  1. Four-Wheeled Hardshell Luggage  

Some people find shopping for suitcases challenging nowadays, which is quite understandable. With so many innovative pieces of luggage in the market, it can be hard to choose the best one. However, one of the best work bags to go for is this four-wheeled hardshell luggage. It comes with different features that can make your travel more convenient. 

You can start by exploring its features. Since it comes with four wheels, you can easily maneuver the bag on pavements and flat surfaces. No matter how heavy your stuff is, you won’t have to worry about it taking a toll on your body. The next notable feature is the hardshell case. This means extreme durability and resistance to external elements and pressure. Go for luggage that’s made of 100% polycarbonate so that they are sturdy and lightweight at the same time.  

Finally, check the lock system of the luggage and ensure that it comes with durable protective locks which are hard to hack or guess. Whether you plan to carry or check in this hardshell bag, keeping it locked when traveling is crucial. 

The Best Business Bags To Take On Your Next Workcation 2
  1. Laptop Backpack  

Preparing for travel means choosing the best travel bag. And backpacks are a must when traveling. This is the best work bag that can store your laptop and other gadgets in one secure place. There’s much range of sizes of backpacks that are enough to accommodate your laptop. Choose one with padded cushions inside, so your gadgets remain protected even when your bag collides with other things. 

Choose a backpack with several pockets and compartments depending on your travel needs. Chances are you’re bringing paper files, house keys, power banks, chargers, a wallet, and many other essentials. You don’t want them all stored in one space. Go for a bag that allows you to easily segregate and organize your things, especially those that come in small sizes.  

Even though it doesn’t include wheels, the backpack has a handle on top to make carrying it easier. If you plan on bringing any water on the trip, you can also use the mesh pocket on the side. Don’t overlook checking the quality of the zippers, as these are one of the most crucial parts of your backpack.   

The Best Business Bags To Take On Your Next Workcation 3
  1. Expandable Soft Suitcase  

Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, it’d be ideal to bring a suitcase instead of hand-carry bags if you’re planning to stay a week or more in your destination. This expandable soft suitcase is an ideal choice for travelers who need to stay longer in their destination.  

The best feature of this soft suitcase is its expandability which means you can customize the bag size according to its content. Expand your storage as you wish if you intend to bring more clothes and other travel essentials. Finally, this bag also features a combination lock and heavy-duty zippers for maximum security.   

  1. Duffle Carryall Bag  

Now, if you’re staying for a shorter time, this duffle carryall bag is a great choice. Anyone bringing home extra items will find this bag ideal because it fits easily into larger luggage and suitcase pockets. This duffle bag can be an additional hand carry in the airport.   

This duffel bag is perfectly suited for business travelers, giving you leverage on its lightweight and comfort. Due to its built-in padded laptop sleeve, you won’t need to carry a separate briefcase when traveling with this bag. As for its aesthetics, this can easily complement your work attire, whether business casual or formal.  


There you have it; these business bags are some of the ideal travel bags you can bring on your next business trip. No matter where you’re heading, they can provide you with the best support to carry all your essentials in one go. Remember to prioritize durability and quality when shopping for the best bag.  


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