Things To Do In London

London is a land of royalty and all that is majestic. It reflects through its monuments and architecture wherever you look. It has a treasure trove of history in its palaces, castles, churches and museums. Yet the capital of the United Kingdom is home to one of the world’s most growth-oriented cities. It is a thriving financial and trading hub with a multi-culture vibrance. 

The city had early beginnings as the walled settlement of the Romans way back in the 1st century CE on the banks of the Thames. The other two segments were the Southwark and the Westminster. Each developed into its distinctive character over time. Today, London is the centre for art, entertainment, theatre, literature and Music. This city offers many avenues for tourists to enjoy their trip. Discover and find out about some of the beautiful places that make up some of the top things to do in London.

1. Have Fun at Peppa Pig World

Visit the Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park, which offers complete entertainment for the family. A little away from London, this is a fun world. About nine themed rides are plain, simple, and fun. Hop on to a luxury coach for the two-hour journey to the theme park dedicated to this famous cartoon character. Enjoy a full day with seventy enjoyable rides all over this landscaped park. 

Meet your favourite cartoon character, Peppa and George, in the themed rides at the Peppa Pig World. A visit to the theme park is one of the best things to do in London. More such thrills await you at Tornado Springs with some exhilarating rides. The Cyclonator can offer an incredible view of the park from 25 meters above. At the Lost Kingdom, venture into the world of the prehistoric dinosaurs that appear at every nook and corner. Unleash your inner child here. 

2. Visit Westminster Abbey

Step into the realms of history with the well-renowned Westminster Abbey. The Collegiate of the Church of St. Peters is a prominent place. In the past, the living quarters of monks and nuns were later discontinued. The Abbey is a Gothic-styled cathedral and is among the revered venues in England. Some of the famous people of British history are laid to rest here. Notable among them are British monarchs, poets, prime ministers, artists and military leaders of repute. Some of them are David Livingstone, Ernest Rutherford and Sir Issac Newton. Not just this, Westminster Abbey is the noted venue for historical coronations and royal weddings. The architecture of the Abbey is remarkable. The entire building is made of stone and exhibits the master craftsmanship of artisans of yesteryears. The Abbey has been a UNESCO  World Heritage Site since 1987. Visitors on a trip to London must visit this monumental place. 

3. Have a Tour of Warner Bros Studio

Jump into the contemporary entertainment world at the Warner Bros Studio in London. The world of fantasy and Harry Potter create a mesmerizing aura. It is among the notable things to do in London. There are air-conditioned coaches from Central London to whisk you away to the fantastic venue. At Hogwarts, geniuses place to behold the original sets of the Platform 9 ¾, visit the famous Dragon Alley and zoom past on the broomstick just like the movie experience. See the Hogwarts Steam Engine from a close range. 

View some of the iconic scenes from the movie recreated over here. You will see fantastic props, such as the 950 labelled jars lined up. You can see the sporting costumes worn by the characters in the Harry Potter movies here. Live through an exciting real-life experience with the Harry Potter castle in this venue. 

4. Visit London ZSL Zoo

Now it’s time to go into the wilderness of wild animals at the London ZSL Zoo. Here you will see exotic and native animal species from all over the globe. In 1828 this facility opened as a scientific study centre. The Zoological Society of London works towards wildlife conservation and is among the most extensive collection of animals in the United Kingdom. 

This place is among some great things to do in London. Here you can visit with family and see about 750 species of animals. Visit the various zones occupied by the diverse residents of this venue. Some of them are Butterfly Paradise, Lion’s Land and Reptile House. Find the gorillas, lions, tigers and penguins in their natural surroundings. See some wild members here, including Sumatran Tigers,  Okapis, Wolverines and Eurasian Lynx in their most-natural environs. 

5. Get Indulged in the famous Museum of Madame Tussauds

Meet the who’s who at the Madame Tussauds in London. It will be your most exciting meeting with world-famous personalities. The only difference is that they are all wax idols. Nevertheless, the excitement of walking up to the most sought-after characters in the movie and television world is a thrilling experience. The wax replicas of famous persons are on display. 

Historical personalities include Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther Jr and many more. This unique Museum of wax icons brings historical figues straight from textbooks. At the Justice League-calling all heroes, meet the superheroes Spiderman and Aquaman and be a part of their achievements. Move to the zones featuring famous sports, Music, and movie personalities. 

The world of stardom opens up for every tourist at Madame Tussauds. Keep your flashlights and cameras ready for this unique encounter with glittering personalities. The best things to do in London will make the tour a great memorable experience. 


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