The Best Ways to Baby Proof Your Kitchen

When you have young children in the house, the kitchen can become a dangerous place, full of potential risks. It’s really important to ensure that you put certain safety measurements in place to keep your child safe whenever in the kitchen, as it’s well known that little ones like to try and get into every drawer, climb every cupboard and explore every inch of the room.

Child-Friendly Habits

From a young age, your little one is going to copy you and pick up on your habits. It’s really important to set a good example and help them to pick up on the child-friendly habits that will help to keep them safe when in the kitchen. Start with trying to develop some safer habits, such as keeping warm drinks far out of reach, unplugging appliances when not in use, and keeping sharp objects stored away in cupboards or drawers. It’s also really beneficial to get into the habit of putting things away properly and closing cupboards properly, as leaving things lying around can become very hazardous.

The Best Ways to Baby Proof Your Kitchen

Baby Proofing

With kitchens becoming much more of a social space within the home, it’s really beneficial to introduce some baby-proofing to the room to ensure it’s safe for your child. There are some fabulous products available to keep your kitchen safe, from corner pads (no bumped heads), to self-closing hinges to prevent trapped fingers. The benefits to having child-proofed areas is that they’re going to stay safe throughout your child’s early years, and once you’ve introduced the features, they’re there to stay. There are other amazing products such as oven knob covers, hob shields, baby locks on the drawers and cupboards, and even door stoppers made of foam to prevent any unwanted incidents. You’ll instantly feel a sense of relief, knowing your child is safe to enjoy your kitchen space with the rest of the family.

Safe Products

There’s no avoiding using cleaning products that carry potential risk, as you need them to ensure you can have a sparkly and fresh kitchen, but there are things you can do and alternative ideas to help keep them out of site and reach of your little one. Always try to keep any cleaning products stored in a place that is out of reach to children, along with adding child locked caps to the bottles and cupboards. There are also products available that contain much safer chemicals so that even after you’ve cleaned the kitchen, the surfaces will be much fresher and safer for your children to be around.

The Best Ways to Baby Proof Your Kitchen

Keep Things Clean & Tidy

Keeping your kitchen as clean and tidy as you can will really help to make it a much safer environment for your child. You often find that all kinds of things pile up in the kitchen, from clothing and toys, to tools and other miscellaneous items. Little ones are prone to putting little things in their mouths, so it’s really important to make sure there are no small objects lying on the floor or in reach of your child. Introduce a new storage or organisational system to your kitchen area to try and prevent any rubbish from building up, it will also help to keep your kitchen looking clean and fresh!

The Best Ways to Baby Proof Your Kitchen

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