The Body Shop British Rose Collection

The Body Shop British Rose collection has recently been launched in celebration of The Body Shop’s 40th anniversary and uses organic roses grown in Herefordshire.

The Body Shop British Rose

The Body Shop is known for its naturally inspired, fair trade skin care, hair care and make-up that is ethically and sustainably products. For The Body Shop British Rose collection they have used organically grown roses that have been specially grown for the brand in an award-winning farm in Herefordshire. The focus for this latest range being on maintaining the balance of nature and eliminating the need for chemicals.

The Body Shop British Rose

Emma Lambe who is a farmer with The Body Shop explained,

“Biodiversity is important because the more numerous and diverse the plant, bird and animal life is, the more hope for the long-term survival of the planet. We have created an ecosystem that gives life to many species and most importantly bees which are key to pollination and therefore the long-term survival of us all. The whole ecosystem has an inter-dependency and the farmed landscape plays a huge part in the health of our countryside.”

The roses used in this collection are high quality, hand-picked, air-dried and infused on-site into fresh mountain water to maintain the rose essence.

The Body Shop British Rose

Beauty botanist for The Body Shop, Jennifer Hirsch, noted,

“Roses has been preserved for centuries for their fragrance and beauty and are inextricably intertwined with the British identity. The unique British Rose blend by The Body Shop is extracted from English roses selected for their complexity of fragrance, perfectly capturing the experience of sinking your nose into one of these fragrant flowers.”

The Body Shop British Rose Collection Range and Price List:

British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub, 250ml – £15
British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence, 250ml – £15
British Rose Glow Body Butter, 50ml – £6, 200ml – £14
British Rose Shower Gel 250ml – £5
British Rose Petal-Soft Bath Foam, 250ml – £8
British Rose Petal-Soft Hand Cream, 30ml – £4, 100ml – £11
British Rose Eau de Toilette, 100ml – £19
British Rose Exfoliating Soap, 100g – £4
British Rose Eye & Cheek Palette – £20
British Rose Treats – £6
British Rose Deluxe Gift Collection – £40
British Rose Essentials Gift Collection – £20