The Complete Guide On The Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

The unwanted hair growth on the body has been a major problem for both men and women, especially in women unwanted hair growth has been the utmost concern. There are many hair removal solutions available from the beginning but all of them were not permanent solutions for the hair growth problem plus they had their own side effects too. People always wanted a better and long-lasting solution for hair removal.  But all the traditional methods were a temporary solution. But with the constant innovation and advancement in science and technology now there is a more reliable and easy solution for all hair removal problems. It’s the laser hair removal treatment.

So to know better about the benefits of the laser hair removal treatment. One has to know about the earlier hair removal treatments and their drawbacks. The traditional methods used in hair removal treatments were Shaving, trimming, waxing, threading, etc. All the above-said methods were not a permanent solution as well as they were very tedious to undergo. In the case of shaving which is the most popular and the most affordable way of hair removal, this method can be done all over the body and the only thing is that since it uses a blade one has to be very careful while shaving in sensitive areas. And by this, the hair is only removed from the top of the skin so the hair grows very soon within two to three days. The next method is trimming which is the easiest way of cutting short of the hair from the dense growth, so this treatment actually cannot be called a proper hair removal solution but it is a control method. Waxing is the only method of hair removal where the results last for almost two to three weeks. As in this method, hair is removed completely from the roots so the new hair growth is delayed. But this method is the most painful method of hair removal. This method involves using hot wax on the skin that can burn the skin and be very painful at sensitive areas and using it on broken skin is dangerous because it can cause serious injury. Threading is also a very painful process as it’s almost like plucking hair from the body using the threading method. This method cannot be done on all parts of the body and it can be done only by a trained professional.

The Complete Guide On The Laser Hair Removal Treatment  3

Thanks to the advancement of science and technology. With the introduction of Laser technology, Hair removal treatment has become so easy and it is a painless process. These treatments are mostly done by professionally trained dermatologists in their specialized clinics.  In this treatment, hair is removed by passing a high-intensity laser onto the top layer of the skin which actually damages the hair follicles and arrests or prolongs future hair growth. These treatments can be done on all parts of the body. Since it’s done after a complete check-up of the skin by the dermatologist it’s a completely safe treatment. One of the best laser hair treatments is found in laser hair removal London. As world-class Laser hair removal clinics are found in and around London.


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