Tips for the Most Relaxing Bath

Tips for the Most Relaxing Bath


Until a few years ago I was very Chandler Bing about baths. They just weren’t really my thing, and I never found the time for them. In ‘The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath’ it is so clear that you will love a bath prepared in the right way. I love a good bath, and now as I get a little older and struggle a bit more with anxiety, it is an excellent way for me to switch off and de-stress. Baths are just one of the ways I have found to cope with my anxiety, BetterHelp has a great list of coping strategies, including baths, that might work for you.

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Nothing beats soaking away your troubles in a warm bath after a long, hard day. Whether you have a tiny bath like me or a gorgeous freestanding bath from Bathroom Luxuries you can make the most of a delicious soak. Taking a bath is not about just about getting clean—that’s what a shower is for, baths if done right can calm your troubled mind and soothe your emotional and physical aches and pains. When you’re busy, it becomes even more critical that you schedule some ‘me time’ in. This helps you to reduce your stress levels and makes you feel good about yourself.

A warm bath will certainly relax tensed nerves and make you happier! Whether you prefer adding a few bath bombs, Epsom salts, bath oils or bubbles, a bath can help you unwind when you need it most. Whether at the end of a long working day or a weekend treat learn how to turn your bathroom into a private spa. Want to make the most of your bath soak session? Try a few of these tips to enjoy your most relaxing dip ever.


Just take a few minutes to straighten up, sweep or wipe down the bathroom. Relaxing in dirty surroundings is impossible. There is nothing worse than emerging blissfully from the tub to have your joy stolen by the disorder of the bathroom. Not saying a full deep clean but a tidy bathroom environment helps give a calmer mood.

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Gather your supplies to reduce frustration later. Prep work and foresight prevents any disasters like forgetting your towel! A suggested list of supplies needed within easy reach of the tub includes a couple of hand towels, pyjamas for after, your entertainment whether it be your books, magazines, phone, laptop, podcast or playlist and of course a beverage. I enjoy having a hot coffee with me in the bath; dehydration is no fun. My parents gave us a bath tray for Christmas, and this is a great way to have these items nearby. Don’t forget any beauty treatments you may require. For me, that means gathering my bath bomb and face mask.

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Set the mood with some candles and essential oils. If I am having a bath before bed, a few drops of lavender oil in my bath has a perfect relaxing effect. Bubble baths and lush bath bombs are great, but you can quickly turn your soak time into an aromatherapy session cheaply by incorporating essential oils. These will help you to de-stress and unwind. Bright, overhead bathroom lights aren’t exactly ideal for a relaxing bath. Dim the lights and make sure your water is the right temperature. Putting on some relaxing playlists and lighting a few candles helps create a calm and positive mood.

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Enjoy some guilt-free me time. No, you shouldn’t be doing something else, just relax and take a few minutes for yourself. Put on a facemask, read a book and forget the rest of the world. This is your time to relax. Love the blissful time in your tub and emerge renewed. Be sure to use fluffy towels and pyjamas that make you feel warm and comfortable to finish off the experience.


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