Top 5 reviews of UK Celebrities who have gone under the knife in 2015

Hearing about celebrities going under the knife is definitely nothing new. For years, the star’s “secrets” about how they keep their youthful appearances have been common knowledge. Many fashion magazines and blogs are currently raving about how the natural look is all the rage but some stars still want cosmetic procedures. We spoke to Beyond Beauty Cosmetic who have broken down their top 5 cosmetic surgery treatment reviews.

Katie Price

One of the UK’s most famous plastic surgery addicts is Katie Price. Once famous for her enormous breast enhancements, the TV personality has recently chosen to have her breast reduced to a more natural size. Late last year, prior to her Celebrity Big Brother appearance, Katie went down 5 whole bra sizes, from a 32DD to a much more natural 32C. This year she went down a further cup size to a 32B. Katie’s body now look much more in proportion and her natural beauty can now take centre stage.

Gillian Taylforth

Actress Gillian Taylforth is probably best known for her role as Kathy Beale in Eastenders. She has appeared in well-loved UK TV shows such as Hollyoaks, Footballers Wives and The Bill. With her 60th birthday this year, Gillian has undergone a procedure called a Silhouette Soft facelift. While it is, strictly speaking, not a surgical procedure it does involve local anaesthetic being injected into the face before a thread made of polyacttc acid is threaded through the skin. This thread dissolves over time and encourages the body to naturally produce collagen. Tailored to the individual, this treatment concentrates on areas of baggy skin and leaves a fresher and younger appearance. Gillian looks fantastic and completely natural. The results speak for themselves.

Abi Clarke

The Only Way is Essex star, Abi Clarke has also been under taking cosmetic procedures in the early part of this year. However her reasons for doing this are to correct a previous lip enhancement treatment that went horribly wrong in 2014. Abi says she regrets her decision to have the lip fillers implanted in her lips after they left her needing 6 months of corrective surgical procedures. After months of surgeries, Abi’s smile looks much better but she will never be able to recreate the natural look she once had.

Lauren Goodyear

Another TOWIE star, Lauren Goodyear has admitted to having regular cosmetic treatments. The reality TV star has had laser treatments on her face to make her appearance smoother, firmer and younger looking. The effects of this treatment are more natural looking than those gained from surgical procedures and Lauren shines with natural beauty.

Katie Piper

While Katie Piper’s 2015 surgery on her throat isn’t technically cosmetic, the TV personality and charity worker has had over 40 surgical procedures after a horrific acid attack in 2009. Her most recent surgery was to implant a stint in her throat to help prevent it closing due to a build-up of scar tissue. Her story is without doubt one of the most inspirational things you will ever hear and she is a testament to strength and what modern cosmetic surgery can really do to benefit lives.



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    I look up to Katie Piper so much!

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