Transform Your Kitchen In 10 Simple Steps


If you don’t want to spend a fortune ripping out your whole kitchen and starting from scratch, there are still plenty of great ways to add a spark of life back into a dull kitchen area. It can be as easy as adding a new colour to your walls or buying some vintage kitchen items from a small store. There are so many unique ways to put your personal stamp in the kitchen, and a little imagination goes a long way. Here are some tips and tricks that you can invest in to bring your kitchen up to date and allow you to fall back in love with this room of the house.  

  1. Paint the Walls

The first step to changing up the style and look of your kitchen is to bring out the paint brushes and refresh the colour of your walls. Painting the wall will instantly change the feel and mood of the room. If your kitchen is at the back of the house, looking out onto the garden, a great colour to choose would be a pastel green or grey. It doesn’t have to be anything too striking because there are plenty of other accessories and items you can add to the space to add a touch of your character.


  1. Bring The Outside In

The kitchen is usually close to the back of the house, and more often than not will open out into the garden. One way to spruce up your kitchen is to make it feel light, bright and add touches of the outdoor to make it feel as though the kitchen leads straight into the garden. The way to do this would be adding green hues and housing some plants in the kitchen. If you want to get really inventive, you can even plant a herb garden in the kitchen!

  1. Replace Your Worktops

Worktops are a major focal point for anyone looking at your kitchen, so having old, tired looking surfaces can make the whole room feel small, dark and dull. Consider installing new countertops to breathe life into your kitchen once more.


  1. Update The Floor

The floor is often neglected but can have a huge impact on the feel of a room. If you don’t have much light coming through to your kitchen, it would be good to consider buying light coloured flooring, whether that be wood or tile. This will immediately add light and make the room look larger than before.

  1. Innovative Storage

You may think that a cupboard is just a cupboard, but actually there are a few different ways to upgrade your storage space to make better use of every bit of room you have. For starters, cutlery trays will instantly make life easier for storage knives, forks, spoons and other niggly pieces of kitchenware. Secondly, you can install drawers inside your cupboards to make the most of every bit of space you can. And finally, you can hide ugly bins by storing them inside a cupboard.

  1. Change The Doors And Handles

Cabinet doors are very easy to replace, and if you decide you want a new colour scheme for your kitchen, you can go wild with the colour of the doors. If you don’t want to replace all the doors, why not just install new handles?


  1. Accessorize

Tea Towels, Oven Gloves, Spice Racks… You name it. This is the fun part of building a kitchen because you can add your own mark and bring your personality into the space.

  1. Refresh The Sink and Taps

A huge feature in your kitchen is your sink and taps. If you’ve had the same setup for a long time, it may begin to look tired and scratched, companies like Tap Warehouse have a huge range of kitchen ceramics and taps to choose from, so you can really play around with your design.


  1. New Curtains

If you have long curtains which reach the floor, you may be losing valuable light and space in the kitchen. Consider swapping out for a shorter set or even some vertical blinds. They take up less space and allow you to control how much light reaches the room at any one time.

  1. Hang Your Pans

This is one of the most exciting ways to add depth to your kitchen. If you love your kitchenware, you’ll no doubt feel that it’s a waste to hide away your pans and utensils in a drawer. Why not add a ceiling hanger, and have your cookware proudly on display for everyone to see?



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