Wedding Crashers: Losing Weight For Your Big Day The Healthy Way

It is perfectly understandable why we want to look our best on our wedding day. All eyes are on us, and rightly so. As well that it is a day of great significance, one that we will look back on years after. For many of us, this leads to a concerted effort to lose a little (or a lot) of weight. However, it is important to remember that as the build up to our big day can be somewhat stressful, we need to avoid crash diets and lose weight in a healthy and managed way. To find out more about how to do this keep reading.

weightCalorie Reduction

An option that many brides-to-be take is to simply reduce their intake of calories. Of course, if you do this right it should work because you are creating a calorie deficit, where your body is using more than its consuming. Therefore it has to resort to burning stored fuel (fat) to function.


Reducing calories can take many different forms. It may be that you get a portion control plate and rely on eating smaller amounts to cut the number of calories you consume. You may choose to set a calorie goal for the day and monitor and log what you eat to help you achieve this. You may even choose to use replacement products for some meals, as is common when doing a very low calorie diet (VLDC). You can learn about a very low calorie diet, and what it entails by clicking the link. It’s really a good idea to do this as well because VLCDs aren’t for everyone, In fact, you will need your doctor to OK it before you start. Although, they can really help you to shift a lot of weight, and keep up your motivation during the process.


Slimming Groups

There quite a few of slimming groups out there, and as you can see, I had great success with Slimming World. Which is along with Weight Watchers (WW) one of the main two. They work by providing meal plans, along with a weekly weigh in and a support group.


This can work well for a lot of people because they find it easier to stick to a weight loss plan when they know they will be weighed and held accountable each week. Although your weight is never discussed with the group.  You can also get some great tips and support on how to do things from other members. As well as getting to see that everyone has bad weeks where they stay the same or even put on a few pounds, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up.


One of the best things about them is that they encourage healthy eating, with an emphasis on lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Slimming World do this by classing foods as healthy extras, syns, or free foods, while WW assigns food point values. Allowing you to get a healthy balanced and nutritious diet without the hassle of counting calories.




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