Treat Your Dog To A Nice Surprise!

When you have a furry friend, it’s natural to want to treat them to something special. Except that your dog doesn’t need a box of chocolate or a nice night out at the restaurant. Instead, you need to be imaginative and, above all, dog-friendly. 

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So what’s the best way to show your dog how much you love them? With a gift that is good for them – hence no box of chocolate – and that can help you to deepen your bond. After all, your four-pawed friend deserves a little treat from time to time.

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Something sweet

Dogs like yummy treats as much as the next person! But they have specific nutritional needs that you need to respect for their health. Some dog owners have decided to roll back their sleeves and prepare homemade dog treats to offer their pet a healthy alternative to the processed food from the shops. Sounds scary? 

Harringtons Dog Party

Don’t worry, it’s extremely easy, and there are plenty of step-by-step recipes online. Some sites even offer recipes for homemade meals in addition to treats. When you think about it, why should your dog eat processed food at all when one knows how unhealthy it can be?

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Something comfy and original

How long did you need to pick your sofa or your mattress? Most people need several days if not weeks of sitting on show sofas and lying down on shop beds to find the right balance for their needs. That’s because we take our comfort and decor seriously. And the same argument needs to apply to your dog. Naturally, you can’t take your dog to a pets’ sofa shop where they can try several cushions. But you can buy them a quality dog bed, and maybe personalise it with original personalised dog gifts. How about a cute custom dog bed at their image? After all, why couldn’t their bed be stylish?

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A spa day

Have you ever considered a pamper day for your dog? It might sound surprising, but as a nation of dog lovers, the UK has a lot of spa treatments to offer to our furry friends.

Millie Pawsome Box

The Pet Spa in London, for instance, has a vast range of treatments, including indulging facials and oatmeal healing baths. Want something more for an ageing dog? Try the Dog Spa at Raithwaite Estate in Whitby. They provide excellent mud baths for itchy skins and sleep-inducing aromatherapy massages to help your faithful friend to relax.

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Pawfect holiday

Finally, why not indulge in a countryside holiday with your dog? It’s a nice way of spending time together in one of the numerous dog-friendly cottages across the UK. From a fantastic hiking break in the Lake District to a late beach holiday in the South, you know that your dog will love a change of landscape and so will you! You could make the most of the late season, just before the cold weather settles in and just after the peak of the summer holiday. Now is the perfect time to take your dog on a break!


Dogs are loyal friends who never disappoint. If you needed one reason to treat your dog, maybe it would be as a thank-you gift for their love and loyalty. From a homemade treat to a dog-friendly holiday, there’s plenty to do together!  




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