The secrets of throwing an awesome autumn BBQ

While the weather is getting worse, and the smell of burning charcoal may traditionally be the domain of the summer BBQ months, why not throw a more unusual party? – an autumn BBQ.


Autumn BBQs are incredible. Don’t let the cold drive you inside; there is no need for your BBQ to hibernate till next year just yet! Round up your nearest and dearest to cooking up a storm under the stars. Get on your autumnal groove using these genius tips for hosting the perfect BBQ night this season. The BBQ fun doesn’t have to stop just because of the bad weather!

1. The BBQ

As your friends gather and conversation flows heat the barbecue with applewood or bourbon-infused wood chips rather than your usual coals. This change will give a smoother, smoky taste that will light up your guests taste buds.


Baking potatoes and sweet potatoes cook perfectly in foil on the BBQ when covered with foil. Serve delicious classics for a true autumnal treat, along with some marvellous side dishes to put a smile on all your guest’s faces. Make sure to have some fresh bread such as multigrain or pumpkin seed bread for the occasion. While no barbecue would be complete without a sausage or burger, you can always mix things up a little. Why not serve alongside some hot coleslaw, a jacket potato or paprika corn on the cob for a guaranteed crowd pleaser?


2. The BBQ desserts

The key to an autumn barbecue is s’mores. Make s’mores at your awesome fall BBQ to become an instant legend. When the weather gets colder, you crave the sweet course! S’mores are such a fun treat and are very easy to do, melted chocolate and molten marshmallow all squished between two biscuits! An American treat that you just can’t say no to. Other ultra simple barbecue desserts options are mincemeat apples, chocolate bananas and toasted marshmallow kebabs. Voila! Your BBQ will go down as an instant success.


3. Warming BBQ drinks

You have the great food sorted, now time for the warming drinks. It might be a little early to crack out the mulled wine but mulled cider, or a hot punch will heat up any guests on a chilly evening. Why not have a go at creating some fantastic fall themed lattes?


4. Keeping Cosy
For an Autumn BBQ, it is essential to keep everyone warm and dry. Have lots of blankets, sheets and throws on hand to keep everyone snug from the night air chill. Keep the cold at bay and stay warm around the fire in lots of layers of warm winter blankets. 


In the UK we never know how the weather will hold out, there is always the chance of a downpour! Make sure everyone can stay nice and dry under a waterproof pop-up gazebo. To be the ultimate-pro at BBQ cosiness by firing up a chimenea. Perfect for keeping everyone warm as well as toasting those marshmallow kebabs!


5. Lights and Sparkles

Complete your garden with pretty fairy lights and candles. They instantly make everything look wonderful and give an autumnal glow on the darker evenings. Sparklers are a fun way to celebrate and light up your Autumn BBQ. Stock up and have fun spelling out your name next to the BBQ!

What are your top tips for an Autumn BBQ?



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