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Twist CocktailsTwist Cocktails – Gin Martini & The Martinez

I was recently sent this months Twist Cocktails Kit, the Gin Martini & The Martinez, to try out and review. The contents of Twist Cocktails give you different ingredients to create 2 main cocktails, 2 twist cocktails and then have enough left over to create another 2 drinks.

In my box it contained different little bottles of –

  • Jensen Old Tom Gin
  • Jensen London Dry Gin
  • Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth
  • Martini Rosso Vermouth
  • Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
  • Angostura Orange Bitters

But you do also need to get yourself a lemon and lime for the peels that aren’t supplied and a cocktail mixologist kit or other tools to stir/strain/peel.

Twist Cocktails

The kits cost £25 which is a little pricey but for a fun subscription to try and make new and different cocktails it is a really fun idea and treat. You can buy them as a gift or one off subscription and can also buy a mixologist kit from them for £29.

My box didn’t contain a recipe for the cocktails but I was sent a link to recipes on their website for this box, which also contains information about the brands of alcohol used in the monthly box. Twist cocktails have said that they are now sending out recipe booklets with their boxes which is great, without them it seems to take away from the hassle free cocktail kit if you have to go online and search for what to make.

Twist Cocktails

Twist Cocktails is a new brand, only starting in January 2014. In the past it looks like they have had really unusual boxes that I would love to try but their website shows none of the names or contents of previous boxes which I wish it did so I could see their variety. They also look like they used to also send fresh ingredients such as mint, lemons and limes which aren’t in my kit. This again would make the kit more appealing if everything I needed was ready in the kit to get going.

I did have a few queries about the brand regarding hygiene and licensing when I realised the bottles weren’t sealed and the contents was re-branded alcohol. Receiving unknown items online, I know I’m not the only person who is going to raise questions. Toby Vacher, founder of Twist Cocktails, has assured me of their hygienic sterilisation process, regular hygiene and safety council check ups and correct licensing, answering all my questions.

Overall Twist Cocktails is a really nice concept and a very unique subscription kit.

Are you tempted to try Twist Cocktails?

Twist Cocktails – Gin Martini & The Martinez*

Twist Cocktails



  1. 2014/06/25 / 09:50

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of this!!! I am obsessed with cocktail (especially the slightly more vintage, classic ones) and I am so trying this!! £25 is not too bad considering you get 6 cocktails out of it!!

    Alex | Pink Elephant Blog

  2. Nicola Simmons
    2014/06/25 / 09:53

    I love this idea! Although I think £25 is quite a high price point for a monthly sub. I’ll be interested to see how this brand grows.x

  3. 2014/06/25 / 14:09

    I do love these little kits, they look so cute!

  4. 2014/06/25 / 22:39

    The idea is a good one but not sure that I would buy one given that the bottles are not sealed and the alcohol is double labelled. I guess for a specially party or with friends you could have good cocktail making fun Lucy x

  5. India Benjamin
    2014/06/26 / 09:27

    A monthly cocktail subscription… This is so cool! Would make an amazing present :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  6. 2014/07/02 / 20:25

    Thanks so much for the review, Mary! Just saw it today :-)

    Everything’s extremely food safe and hygienic. Spirits companies tend not make bottles in the quantities we use, so we do all our own bottling, but that means that you’re getting really unique kit each time!

    If you want to try a Vestal Vesper kit this month, use the code “FIVEOFF” for £5 off your box :-)

  7. Kimberly Nelms
    2014/07/07 / 15:21

    This box seems fun especially if you have a group of friends or have a girls night in! It’s good that they are including the booklet because it would take the fun out if you had to look the recipes online.

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