Essence Nail Candies – Summer Nail Shades

Essence Nail Candies Essence Nail Candies

I recently did a write up about the Essence Beauty Blogger event where I picked up so many beautiful different Essence cosmetics. One of the ranges that really caught my eye were the Essence Nail Candies. Subtle toned polishes that look so pretty and have a prefect pastel shade for this season.

Essence Nail Candies

There are 7 polishes in the range but I only have 6, I’m missing number 4. The polishes have really cute names –

  • No.1 Oh Lolli Lollipop
  • No.2 Always in my Mint
  • No.3 Peachy Keen
  • No.5 Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
  • No. 6 Soda Pop & Candy Shop
  • No. 7 Marshfellow

The pink shades, numbers 1, 3 and 6 are very similar shades, number 1 is a very pale pink, 3 has orange and peach tones and 6 gives a baby pink shade. Number 7 has a marshmallow creamy white shade and looks lovely with the subtle shimmer. Number 2 and 5 have the most contrasting shades, number 2 gives a pale mint green whilst number 5 is a very light lilac.

Essence Nail Candies

The polishes are very sheer, in the pictures I had to apply 4 coats to achieve this shade. They are great for a subtle sheer tone but layers will need to be built up to achieve coloured coverage. Until layered up some of the more pinky toned polishes look very similar shades.

The Essence Nail Candies have a really nice soft shimmer to them and unlike most nail polishes smell really nice, slightly fruity when dry. On the bottles they say 6 in 1 as their benefits including their scent are hardening, protecting, ridge filling, fast drying and a high gloss finish.

Overall Essence Nail Candies are a really cute summer nail polish range that gives fresh, clean and subtle results.

Polishes shown in this review –

No.1 Oh Lolli Lollipop
No.2 Always in my Mint
No.3 Peachy Keen
No.5 Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch
No. 6 Soda Pop & Candy Shop
No. 7 Marshfellow

Essence Nail Candies



  1. Nicole Baxter
    2014/06/26 / 18:25

    These are so pretty I really like the peachy one xx

  2. antonella
    2014/06/26 / 20:03

    I love the shades :)


  3. Samsam
    2014/06/26 / 20:03

    I’m in love with pastel shades at the moment. Wouldn’t it just be something if they actually smelled like candy???
    ~ Samantha

  4. Chelsea Docherty
    2014/06/26 / 20:18

    Argh , everything about these are just adorable

  5. 2014/06/27 / 06:34

    How cute! Perfect for Australia’s up-and-coming Spring! Great review

    Emily xoxo

  6. Grace Denny
    2014/06/27 / 17:03

    Love the shades of this collection. But the naammesss!! They’re adorable!

    XO, G from grace’d

  7. Mariah
    2014/06/28 / 03:37

    I love all of these! I will have to give them a try. My nails are in terrible shape and could use the 6 in 1 treatment.

  8. Jessica Hubbard
    2014/06/28 / 03:39

    OmG. I have to have thesea, I am obsessed with pastels and these look so lovely!! I thought they were candles!! Lol. Fab blog!

  9. 2014/06/28 / 08:54

    I love these! I hope I can find them in Ulta here in America, because I love Peachy Keen!

  10. 2014/07/07 / 10:58

    I love the look of these, I’m all about the pastels at the moment. It’s a shame that they take so much building up, I’m not sure I’d have the patience to wait for 4 coats of polish to dry!

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