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With all this wet and stormy Autumn weather we’re having I decided to talk about a my favourite brollies! Cath Kidston products are always very cute and gorgeous, so of course I had to get in one of their lovely little umbrellas, which is small enough to pop in your bag so you don’t get caught out! The love heart umbrella comes in lots of different colours, and is quite a quirky little change from the norm, giving your umbrella some unique sweetness.

unique brollies

Another cute idea (although slightly cheesy too) is the couples umbrella, or the ‘duo umbrella’. Designed to occupy not one but two people underneath it, I can definitely see many benefits with it when going for a wet walk with someone, without getting wet on one side or unable to see each other. It could also be used on those shopping trips where you don’t want all your bags to get wet!

Jackman’s double canopy is simply lovely. While everyone else is having to look at the dull dark sky, you can enjoy your own little oasis inside your umbrella. I love the colour changing umbrella, it makes a boring old umbrella a lot more fun; my only problem would be wanting it to rain so I could test it out!

Finally, the worst thing to happen on a wet, wild and windy day is for it to be pouring with rain, and so windy that your umbrella gets blown inside out! This umbrella claims to have solved that problem! So no more fear of being soaked because your umbrella broke from the wind!

Unique Brollies –

Cath Kidston – Kingswood Rose Tiny Umbrella
Heart Shaped Fashion Brollies – 12 Colours
Compact Duo Umbrella – An Umbrella Made For Two!
Jackman Double Canopy Umbrella With Blue Sky And White Clouds
Colour Changing When Wet Black Umbrella – Brighten Up Your Rainy Days!
Windproof Umbrella



  1. Megan Roisin
    2014/11/18 / 12:56

    I love the heart umbrella, it’s so sweet but I’d be so worried about it breaking!

    Megan x

    London Callings

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