Water Marbling Nails – Summer Flowers

Water Marbling Nails

Water Marbling nails is a very simple technique that with a little practice can give you really beautiful results. I’ve created spring water marbling nails but for summer coming I thought I would do a bright, vibrant splash of colours and use water marbling nails technique to create this flower effect. If you want more advice on how to do water marbling nails you can find my video here and more of my nail art videos here.

In this design I used some of The Lacquer Lab polishes which I have found to be some of the best for water marbling. They disperse in the water evenly so you get good rings of colour and an even layer of thin polish on the nail. I really like the bright colours and to make it even more vibrant I used an orange base coat, I suggest a black base polish for metallics and lighter water marbling shades and white or lighter base polishes if you are doing a darker water marble.

Water Marbling Nails

Sometimes polish just isn’t right for water marbling, it isn’t you going wrong. Sometimes it dries too quickly, doesn’t disperse and stays thick rather than spreading out. I suggest practising with polishes first before doing water marbling straight on to your nails and don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t work first time.

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Products used to create this nail art –

Rimmel 60 Seconds Rita Ora Nail Polish – Oragasm
Rimmel I love Lasting Finish Nail Polish – 705 Tangy Tangerine
The Lacquer Lab Cancun Hot* and Ultra Violet*
General Purpose Masking Tape Roll
Cocktail Sticks
Clear Plastic cups
Transparent color professional 50pcs Nail Swatches

Water Marbling Nails



  1. Joy Bomer
    2014/04/30 / 01:42

    This looks so pretty I’m going to try it sometime soon!


  2. 2014/04/30 / 08:24

    I LOVE the colours you’ve used! Although I would’ve created an easier design to show the individual colours better, this still looks awesome and very complicated!!

  3. mikaylaa.s
    2014/04/30 / 16:21

    So beautiful! Wonderful for summer, cannot get over how pretty it looks!


  4. Jemma
    2014/04/30 / 18:31

    I’ve never been able to get water marbelling to work for me but I’m going to try this anyway, so pretty.


  5. staceybecker
    2014/05/02 / 17:35

    This is so pretty!

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