Wearing Denim Skirts All Year

It is fairly commonplace to look for a skirt to wear in the summer. Skirts are excellent warm weather wear, especially if they are short. You can easily keep cool while wearing one. But what happens when the weather starts to turn? Do you need to give up skirts for the fall? Not at all, but you may need a different type of skirt. Instead of the lighter summer fabrics, denim is ideal for cool weather. The best part is it also works in the warm months, so you can really wear it all year. Here are some denim skirt styling ideas that will have you enjoying your newly purchased skirt all year.

Wearing Denim Skirts All Year 5

Styling Your Denim Skirt in the Spring

Spring weather is a great time to experiment with denim skirts because almost any length or style you select is appropriate. Since the weather is often warm, but not too warm, you do not have to be picky about skirt length. However, if you want to follow popular trends, a shorter skirt with a frayed hemline is a good choice. So is a maxi skirt with a slit. Have some extra fun by matching the skirt you choose with an expressive top, such as one with bell sleeves.

Summer Denim Skirt Style Ideas

In the summer, the weather is bound to be hot more often than not. Therefore, for obvious reasons, you should stick to shorter denim-skirt fashions. That might seem limiting, but summer is a great time to have some fun with color. Blue and black denim are not the only choices. One option that is a lot of fun and also can keep you a bit cooler in the hot rays of the summer sun is white denim.

Wearing Denim Skirts All Year 6

Staying Comfortable and Care-Free in an Autumn Denim Skirt Ensemble

As autumn rolls around, you may have to contend with regular changes in weather. Days might still be fairly warm, but gusty winds and evening temperature drops can affect your choice of clothing. When you are faced with that scenario, a lengthier denim skirt is ideal. It can still be comfortable while providing more weather protection and warmth than a mini skirt.

In Autumn, you can also begin pairing your denim skirt with long-sleeved shirts, or even sweaters. Toss on an occasional jacket, if the weather is especially chilly. By wearing weather-appropriate tops, you can get several trendy and comfortable autumn looks from the same skirt.

Making Your Denim Skirt Work in Winter

If you want to wear your skirt all year and live in an area with cold winters, it is essential to know how to make your denim skirt work in the winter. The best way is to take layering to the next level. Wearing a sweater and a warm winter coat with your skirt is one way to do that. Another option that is expressive and warm is a faux fur vest over a long-sleeved top.

Accessorizing Your Denim Skirt Outfits for Fashionable Fun all Year

There are many ways to accessorize an outfit built around a denim skirt. Starting at the top, you can try a hat, scarf or earrings. The right hat or scarf may be extra helpful in winter, since it can serve both a practical and a fashionable purpose. Premium leather belts or a sash, purse and assorted bracelets or rings can also spice up your outfit. Then you can top the look off with season-appropriate footwear. Many denim skirts look great with any type of shoes, sandals or boots. Therefore, your goal should be to match your footwear more to the top of your outfit than to the skirt itself.


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