Smooth Hairless Skin Without The Numbing Pain

The beauty and coverage imparted by hair are often desirable, but only in certain places. For
males, while beards and moustaches are a style statement, facial hair for females might be
undesirable. Even for males, quite a few who have a shapely physique prefer to have hairless
skin to show off their chiselled body. No matter what your preference or however hairless
you want your skin to be, at a professional like Therapie Clinic, the most painless way of
having a hair-free skin is made possible – through laser.

Smooth Hairless Skin Without The Numbing Pain 5

Laser put simply, is a concentrated beam of light. This high energy beam can be used for
various purposes, from cutting diamonds to removing unwanted hair. It goes without saying
that the same kind of wavelength or power used in industrial lasers isn’t used for removing
hair. Lasers used in hair removal are mostly of the infrared wavelength and low intensity.
They are not visible to the naked eye but convey a certain amount of heat down to the hair
follicles that promote the growth of hair. This heat destroys the hair follicle completely and
the surrounding regenerative cells. This completely eliminates any chance of hair growing
back at the treated spot.

Waxing and sugaring are options that are mostly used at spas and salons to get rid of excess
hair. Apart from having a high pain tolerance, you have to ensure multiple sessions are
conducted regularly to keep the growing hair at bay. Each time the procedure is done, most
people are left with numbing pain or end up with thicker skin. Neither of those is desirable
outcomes. Compared to that, the laser destroys hair follicles completely without any chance
of regrowth. The skin repairs itself naturally, but without the hair growing back. The process
is far less painful than any of the conventional methods, even compared to shaving and
epilation. Shaving and epilation also tend to chafe skin in the process, causing minor bruising
at times. The laser causes minor bruising that recovers much faster and isn’t repeated in the
same area as before.

While laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure, it requires the consultation of a
dermatologist. The skin specialist will analyse the growth of your hair, the thickness and the
colour in order to suggest the best possible treatment with the least number of sessions
involved. If the hair is darker in colour compared to your skin colour, the laser hair removal
procedure is much more effective.

Smooth Hairless Skin Without The Numbing Pain 6

There are a certain number of things that your dermatologist will suggest before you start the
procedure. You would be asked not to shave or trim the hair in the area that is to be treated by
laser. For a few weeks leading up to the treatment, you will have to avoid using excess skin
care products or UV lotions. The more your skin remains free of chemicals and inorganic
compounds, the better the treatment is supposed to be. Before the treatment starts, the hair in
the area needs to be trimmed down to a certain length and some mild cleansing agent might
be used to make the skin more supple and soft. Depending on how thick your hair is and the
hair growth, you might be asked to undergo a few more sessions to achieve the desired


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