Wedding Diaries – The Search for Bridesmaid Shoes

As I mentioned in a previous wedding diaries post here I have managed to sort out all the dresses for my bridesmaids and had started on the hunt for some beautiful shoes to wear. The wedding isn’t until this time next year and fingers crossed the weather will be nice so I was looking out in this years summer shoes for some champagne gold heels for my four bridesmaids.

Having spent a fair chunk on their dresses I knew I had to be a little tighter with the purse strings when in came to their shoes. I did a lot of online searching and seeing what was available in different shops, not wanting anything too high and in size 5, 6 and 8.

Wedding Diaries

In a random google search I found these Hollie 2 part heeled sandal from Oasis that didn’t show up on their website when searched. Originally priced at £35 they were down to £18 when I bought them, although they are now further reduced to £15. They instantly grabbed me, not too high a heel, pretty ankle strap, champagne gold rather than yellow gold, perfect for a summer wedding. Fortunately they go up to a size 8 and I ordered all 4 pairs, applying student discount, postage discount and going through Quidco to save money. As they are open toe they were easy to fit and all my bridesmaids love the design, especially as I am looking for bridal shoes that are pointed with a little ankle strap that would match.

Oasis do have a very strange delivery service, first taking your money and then checking the stock levels in different stores to send the items out to you. They all arrived from different stores, in very different packaging, over about two weeks, without any notification as to whether I would get all four pairs. The Oasis postal service wasn’t particularly ideal for me as if all four hadn’t been available I wouldn’t have kept any and was left not knowing whether I would receive them all for quite a while.

Wedding Diaries

Fortunately they all arrived, all fit my bridesmaids and match their dresses perfectly. They look so simple and pretty, perfect heeled saddles for summer. With all my discounts and free postage the shoes came to £64.80, £16.20 each which is a pretty amazing price, I might also be getting a few pounds back once it has tracked on Quidco.

I thought finding 4 dresses an 4 pair of shoes for 4 very different ladies was going to be very hard but fortunately so far it has been a bit of a breeze (thank you online shopping), who said wedding planning was hard?

Wedding Diaries

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  1. GoFashiondeals
    2015/08/24 / 00:50

    Love the shoes!!! So pretty

  2. Nadiya Sloan
    2015/08/24 / 19:00

    Stunning choice, Mary! So so nice to pick those perfect dresses & shoes for your girls.
    Can I just confess something – there’s nothing worse when you are a bridesmaid and having to wear an ugly dress (been there, done that). I will soon post about my wedding & upload pics of my girls’ dresses, too. If you would like, stop by and check it out (should be published on Wednesday, I think).
    xox Nadia

  3. Allie Cleve
    2015/08/24 / 21:29

    I love reading these wedding posts! The dresses and shoes you chose are so great and you’re doing so well with keeping it all budget friendly as well! I can’t wait to see the finished result in a year :)

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