Wedding weight loss #10 – Slimming world journey

It was inevitable I suppose, but this week was my first weight gain on my slimming world wedding weight loss journey. When I first stepped on the scales I was a maintain, daftly I thought that could not be right and asked if I could try again. When I stepped back on the scales it came back with a +0.5lb gain. 

I can’t deny I am disappointed, having stuck to plan heavily this week and having minimal if any syns, I was expecting a decent loss as I had been having. I did go with a heavy cold and chesty cough so being unwell might have been the reason for no weight loss. This week with not being well I did have pasta or a jacket potato more than I had been doing which also might have been the reason.

Whatever the case I am still pretty motivated and hopefully this week will be better, I am approaching my Club 10 weight (10% of your original body weight lost) so weight loss will become harder and harder. As usual Mum did amazingly, another -2.5lb and once again was slimmer of the week (for someone who hates being the centre of attention this is more of a punishment than anything else). Unfortunately I had a blogging event on at Lush Spa and couldn’t stay for group so hopefully they will help me work through this gain next week.

This week has had one perk, I won the raffle prize which I thought was fantastic when Mum brought it home for me. How fantastic is this advent calendar?? I have never had a chocolate advent calendar so it’s not like I’ve missed it this year but this is such a lovely idea. We hadn’t tried the Hi Fi light bars, trying to avoid temptation. Others in the group rave about them and so we had thought we might get some to have around at Christmas. So far we’ve tried the chocolate orange which is delicious, we cut it into quarters and had it over two days as our pudding which really gives you a chocolate fix when you haven’t had it in a long time. The bars are 3 syns for the whole bar or you can have 2 bars as a healthy extra!

Not the most successful week but until then, some cheesy motivational quote…

Wedding weight loss

Overall Results – Wedding Weight Loss Plan #10

Weeks Weight Loss

+ 0.5lb

Wedding Weight Loss to date

– 18

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  1. Samantha Pinkie
    2015/12/04 / 17:35

    Trying to lose weight at this time of year must be the hardest, but you sound super motivated. The advent calendar is really cool. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  2. 2015/12/07 / 00:30

    You’ve done really well to get this far without putting on and it’s small! Sometimes it can just be fluid or something, keep on trucking!

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