Wedding weight loss #14 – 2 and a half stone loss!

On Tuesday, after being a Slimming World member for about 5 months, I reached my 2 and a half stone loss award.

This wedding weight loss has been such a positive thing for me so it is something that I have shared quite openly here on my blog. Body positivity is such an important thing and for me being an unhealthy weight was making me so unhappy.

Now with the help of Slimming World I have the constant motivation to eat healthier, eat and drink the bad things more in moderation and also think about my food a lot more but in a positive way.

wedding weight loss

Together with my Mum we joined slimming world with the aim of loosing a bit of weight before my wedding (next August) but it has now become far more than that. It is no longer just wedding weight loss, it has completely changed our lifestyle but completely for the better. I have done fad diets in the past and they just don’t work, it has to be a healthy change that you can maintain.

I recently went travelling for 2 weeks around Europe and it was hard, especially as a vegetarian, to keep up with a healthy, balanced diet – although it was achievable. Prior to my leaving I had been struggling with my weight loss. For 4 weeks I maintained my weight whilst sticking completely to plan which was very disheartening. No one could offer an explanation as my Mum was still loosing weight and we were eating the same meals. Just before I left I had a massive loss, 3.5lb, so for some reason my results took a while to show themselves.

wedding weight loss

I stayed on track whilst I was away, a few treats but a lot more exercise, and came in with a -1.5lb loss, bringing me to a total loss of 2 stone 8lb. Mum reached her 4 stone award and we now weigh the exact same and are only 10lb from our first target. Our first target has been for a healthy BMI weight which will feel amazing. Whilst I was working away I felt so different, far more confident and happy in my own skin, bring on my 3 stone loss award!

wedding weight loss

If you are interested in my wedding weight loss journey you can find my previous posts here and if you want some recipe ideas you can find some of my slimming world creations here.



  1. 2016/03/17 / 14:16

    Eeeeee, amazing! Well done <3

  2. 2016/03/17 / 23:02

    Yey go you! I’ve really been struggelling with my weight for 3 years or o now, its always pretty much the same. SW didn’t work for me, glad its doing great for you thoughu00ac

  3. 2016/03/18 / 13:35

    Congratulations – a loss of that amount is no mean feat! I have always been a Weight Watchers girl but my mum and sister-in-law swear by Slimming World.

  4. 2016/03/18 / 14:22

    This is amazing, congrats to you both! I really want to start SW!nnSophie x

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