Top 10 reasons I love writing my UK Beauty Blog

  1. The blogging community – The UK beauty blogging scene is rich and diverse, there is always someone in your corner and plenty of supportive peers to give you advice or compliments.UK Beauty Blog
  2. Personal Development – Writing a UK Beauty Blog over the last few years has been a massive learning curve. From photography and editing, social media, my writing skills, web optimisation, working with companies through to improving my knowledge on the make up industry I have come a long way and learnt so much.UK Beauty Blog
  3. Coming out of my comfort zone  – When I first started blogging I was quite a shy and introverted girl. I still lack confidence but blogging has brought me out of my shell and helped me grow, so I am doing things I never would have dared in the past. UK Beauty Blog
  4. New opportunities – Since starting my UK Beauty Blog 2 and a half years ago I have had so many opportunities and had so many experiences I would have missed without writing this blog. I have traveled, had adventures and met some amazing people.UK Beauty Blog
  5. A free space to be creative – My blog is my own space and I have free reign over what I feature and how I compose my posts. It is a chance to be creative and come up with new and original ways to display content.What's In My Handbag
  6. A chance to connect – My readers and followers make me laugh, give me perspective, offer advice, give compliments as well as criticism and give me a wonderful outlook on what I do. I never thought I would get the chance to connect with so many different people from so many different countries!UK Beauty Blogger
  7. Press Releases – If you write a UK Beauty Blog you generally have a love for all things beauty. I love seeing products before anyone else or learning the background of a product or company. It’s exciting, interesting and pretty exclusive to bloggers.UK Beauty Blog
  8. Working Opportunities – I never went into writing a UK beauty blog with the idea of it becoming my job, it was a hobby and an interest that has led to this. Putting myself out there has taken me down avenues I had never dreamed of.UK Beauty Blog
  9. Making Friends – Blogging is sociable and as a UK Beauty Blogger it is hard not to make friends. UK Beauty Bloggers are a friendly bunch as are PR teams and event organisers you are sure to meet along the way.UK Beauty Blog
  10. Blogging has given me a voice – Writing a blog is not easy, it is something that takes a long time and a lot of commitment but having somewhere to channel your opinions, inspiration, frustrations, creativity and perspective is empowering and on a bad day it is good to step back and look at everything you have achieved.

If this hasn’t inspired you to write your own UK Beauty Blog then what will! There is space for everyone and is a fantastic hobby (or if you are lucky enough then job) that has brought me much joy over the last few years.

What are your top reasons why you love writing a Beauty Blog?

If you are wanting to start a blog and need any advice or tips you can find past relevant posts here and here.


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