Wedding Weight Loss – 2 stone weight loss update

If you have been following my blog over the last few months you will know that I have been following the Slimming World lifestyle change for my wedding weight loss with my Mum, really enjoying it, rating it and getting some great results. Whilst I have taken a break from blogging I have not taken a break from this diet.

In my last update I had reached my 1 and a half stone wedding weight loss before Christmas. Over Christmas I stayed pretty good, I had a few treats, a bit of wine, but kept within moderation and my syn allowance. I didn’t get given too much chocolate but fortunately Jon was on hand anyway to help me on that front. Buffets were a problem but I know now what to go for and what to avoid on the buffet table. Over the week of Christmas I lost 1lb and over the New Year week I also lost another 1lb so I was pretty happy with myself.

My weightloss is slowing down now, between 0.5lb and 1.5lb a week, although at group I was told my overall wedding weight loss to date is an average of 1.5lb per week. Two weeks ago my Mum and I hit some pretty big mile stones, Mum reached her 3 stone loss and I hit my 2 stone loss. We have now both set targets, I am now 1 stone 3.5lbs away from this so it is feeling very close. I bought a size 12 pair of jeans as my inspirational pair to hang up and motivate me but I actually fit into them straight away so I don’t think I have appreciated my weight loss.

I have come such a long way but I am just feeling so healthy and so much happier. My weight had been making me miserable and I am so glad I addressed it.

Mum made a fantastic Slimmers World chocolate roulade, I will have to get her to make it again for photos and share the recipe with you, it was so good I want it as my birthday cake!

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