Wedding weight loss #5 – Slimming world journey & wedding diaries

I know I have missed a week on updating you with my wedding weight loss Slimming World journey, as well as keeping up with my blog in general, so sorry about that! It has been a hectic week and I have a good excuse, I have now fully moved out and into my first home.

After a week of decorating, laying laminate flooring, moving house without a removal company and putting together furniture working into the night I was expecting a successful week of weight loss. Having stuck to the Slimming World diet last week I lost 2lb bringing me up to a total weight loss of -7.5lb so far in 3 weeks of Slimming World. Last night I stepped onto the scales and had lost an amazing -3.5lb in a week!

I was so happy with that, only 3lb to go until I reach my first stone loss. It was my best wedding weight loss week so far, I was slimmer of the week for the first time, got a fruit basket, and after 4 weeks think 11lb is an amazing weight loss. It has gone so fast but I am already feeling so much happier in myself than I did 4 weeks ago. Mum is beating me at the moment though with Slimmer of the Month and a weight loss of -16lb. We haven’t noticed much change in our appearance although we might be being harsh on ourselves, I’m sure my jeans feel looser though!

It hasn’t felt yet like I am on much of a diet, I am eating big filling meals and spending more on healthy food. It is much easier having my Mum for support and working on this together, I could have easily given up without her providing me with meals on an evening this week. I haven’t taken any measurements this week but will be interested to know results next week. wedding weight loss plan (

Overall Results – Wedding Weight Loss Plan #2

Weeks Weight Loss

– 3.5lb

Wedding Weight Loss to date

– 11lb



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