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Buying reading glasses for us is generally an expense we cannot be bothered with at all. With a wedding coming up and us buying our first home we are really having to budget and think about everything we are spending. Looking around for somewhere to have our eye tests we spotted Tesco’s who offer free eye tests.

We both went and had our eye tests, despite Tesco’s offering the exam for free they were incredibly thorough and professional, giving us far more time than we had at either Vision Express or Spec Savers in the past. It turned out that I don’t actually need glasses anymore, I had a very, very minor prescription to combat my headaches as I work on computers a lot. I no longer get headaches so reading glasses for me are no more.

Jon on the other hand had a very different prescription to the rushed one he had received from Vision Express only a few months prior. We have used Glasses Direct in the past for ordering glasses, I have written about my London Retro glasses here and here. Their service is perfect and great if you are on a budget or looking to save some money on your glasses spend. You can also try out Glasses To You as they have a large variety of glasses to choose from with good prices.

London Retro

You can have a look for which glasses would suit you on the website, using pictures of your face you can easily see how each pair of glasses would look on you. When you’ve seen a few pairs you like you can order a free home trial, 4 plain glass frames are sent to you with a free returns label. Try them on, see what suits and send it back within a week (otherwise you may be billed for the frames).

If you have found the pair for you, you can then order your glasses with your prescription online. Jon struggles finding glasses wide enough but found some lovely frames, Bank from London Retro, that suit him so well. Glasses Direct always have deals on so you can often get discount, vouchers or 2 for 1 on glasses to get a bargain. Jon has found his prescription to be perfect with these  glasses and loves the London Retro frames too. The frames he chose are blue (bit daring with his colour choice this time) and came with the lovely, 70’s vibe London Retro case. I was a little disappointed that I don’t need glasses anymore, I would have loved this pair!

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