Wedding weight loss #6 – Slimming world journey & wedding diaries

Sorry for a lack of posts recently, life has been changing quite a lot recently which I will give you an update on soon. This week has been really busy and hectic with some exercise but not as much as I would have liked. My Slimming World journey and wedding weight loss so far has been going well and I have stuck to plan the whole time.

I have a few recipes to share with you, I’ll be making them again this week and do some dedicated posts for them, including a low syn cake! :) Last night was our weigh in and although I didn’t have the best weight loss at least it was still a loss. I lost another -1lb last night, bringing it to a 12lb loss total. I’m not going to lie, I was wanting to have lost more, especially when I am so close to reaching my first stone of wedding weight loss. It is still a good weight loss though and I have only done 5 full weeks of Slimming World. I also had a massive loss last week of -3.5lb so it is probably balancing out a little this week. Mum still beat me with her weight loss this week of -3lb, 19lb in total and again, rather embarrassingly for her, was slimmer of the week.

Now that I am getting back into routine a little more I will be concentrating more on having a diverse range of meals for my wedding weight loss, cooking more and trying out some Slimming World bakes so that I don’t get stuck in a rut. I also picked up a Slimming World Christmas book which has lots of yummy festive treats that I will have to try out!

Overall Results – Wedding Weight Loss Plan #6

Weeks Weight Loss

– 1lb

Wedding Weight Loss to date

– 12lb

wedding weight loss




  1. GoFashiondeals
    2015/11/04 / 15:46

    Very cool! Keep it up! You can do it!!! :D

  2. Erin Russell
    2015/11/05 / 06:49

    Yay! Well done!

    I lost 32lbs with slimming world last year, (and have gained almost them all back on!) I love slimming world and will be going back soon. It really does work, and really changes your outlook. I got fat thanks to meeting my other half, and I like cake. Lol.will be loosing that soon!

    Can’t wait for the updates, you’ll be looking amazing for your wedding :)

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