Wedding weight loss #8 – Slimming world journey

This week was another pretty successful wedding weight loss weigh in. Having lost -3lb last week and reaching my first stone loss I was expecting my weight loss to start slowing down and was hoping to loose around 1lb this week. I was pretty happy when I got on the scales and had lost -2lb!

I can’t say I have been particularly passionate about Slimming World, my meals or exercise this week, having a bit of a cold has meant I haven’t had much interest in experimenting or going out in the cold after work. I was really surprised to have a decent weight loss this week because of that as, other that dog walking, I have mainly slept in my free time. My Mum had the exact same weight loss as me this week which she was very happy with as she had been to London with my Dad as he was receiving an award. She had tried to be very good, ignoring canapés at the award ceremony but said she had struggled ordering healthy meals finding that they arrived with lots of dressing and oils on.

This week was also my little sisters 21st birthday and, as she is a classy lady, she asked for her birthday meal out to be at Wetherspoons. This worked out very well for us as Slimming World members as so many of the meals can be made syn free for vegetarians and there are many discussions online about what is available. Mum had the Superfood Pasta and I had the 5 bean chilli and gave away my tortilla chips so they were both very low syn meals, if any. It was hard to resist a pudding though, with everyone else having something yummy. I had made a gluten free, cornflakes topsy turvy cake for my sisters so we had a little piece of that to finish instead! You can see a picture of my martini themed cake on my instagram.

Next weigh in it will have been a full 2 months on the wedding weight loss Slimming World diet, easily the longest time I have stuck to a diet and it will be great to see how much I have lost and how far I have some in 8 short weeks.

wedding weight loss plan sw

Overall Results – Wedding Weight Loss Plan #8

Weeks Weight Loss

– 2lb

Wedding Weight Loss to date

– 17



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